The best museums in Drenthe in September 2023

These are the top 50 best museums in Drenthe, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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  1. Herinneringscentrum Kamp Westerbork1

    Herinneringscentrum Kamp Westerbork

    The Memorial centre Westerbork transit camp is dedicated to the history of 'Polizeiliches Durchgangslager Westerbork'. The museum commemorates the lives of a hundred thousand Dutch Jews. There are several objects on display and the original walls of the barracks and various films are shown. Old road
  2. Drents Museum2

    Drents Museum

    The Drents Museum is housed in an old building from 1885. The museum originally opened in 1854 and is one of the oldest museums in the Netherlands. A large collection on the prehistory of Drenthe is on display. In addition, the museum displays bog bodies such as the ‘Yde girl’ and owns a collection
  3. Hunebedcentrum3


    The Hunebedcentrum is dedicated to dolmens and Funnel beakers, the builders of the dolmens. The tombs were built some five thousand years ago. 52 of the 54 dolmens in the Netherlands are found in the province of Drenthe. The museum shows how Funnel beakers lived five centuries ago. Visitors can also
  4. Online discount!Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen4

    Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen

    Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen is an adventure theme park with three areas: Jungola, Serenga, and Nortica.
  5. Het Gevangenismuseum5

    Het Gevangenismuseum

    The Gevangenismuseum is housed in a former ‘Dwanggesticht’ from the 19th century. In an interactive way, the visitor learns about how criminals were treated in the Netherlands from 1600 to the present. In addition, the museum covers the history of Veenhuizen as a prison town. Important in the museum
  6. Veenpark6


    Veenpark has an arcreage of 160 hectares, which makes it the largest museum in the Netherlands. This open-air museum is dedicated to the digging of the brown gold, peat. The peat history of Drenthe comes to life in this museum. The visitor travels through nostalgic villages and a bog area with peat
  7. Openluchtmuseum Ellert en Brammert7

    Openluchtmuseum Ellert en Brammert

    Openluchtmuseum Ellert en Brammert is dedicated to the history of Southeast Drenthe. The museum illustrates how the people worked and lived in the area by showing different types of housing. The collection of the museum includes a turf hut, a tollbooth, a school, a Saxon farmhouse and a prison.
  8. Olie- en Korenmolen Woldzigt8

    Olie- en Korenmolen Woldzigt

    Authentic and unique 1852 industrial mill containing a "department" for the production of linseed oil (called oil milling) and a "department" of flour milling. Both are still fully operational and are still in regular use. Everything still functions just as it was built in 1852. Regularly, a grou
  9. Tractor & Werktuigen Museum Jan Drenthe9

    Tractor & Werktuigen Museum Jan Drenthe

    Old agricultural machinery of the brand and dealership McCormick-Deering / International Harvester / Farmall (IHC), including tractors, plows, mowers. Attention to the Marshall Plan and its role in the post-war development of agricultural mechanization in the region. Also peat-colonial agricultural
  10. Museumboerderij De Karstenhoeve10

    Museumboerderij De Karstenhoeve

    Museum farm De Karstenhoeve dates from the first half of the 17th century and is still largely in its original state. In the farm you can taste the atmosphere of the daily life of the residents from the 19th century. Among other things, there is an upstairs room with a States Bible, a cabinet in the
  11. Museum Havezate Mensinge11

    Museum Havezate Mensinge

    Museum Havezate Mensinge dates back to 1381 and is one of the few authentically furnished havezates in Drenthe. A havezate is the home of the owner of an estate. In the museum, all rooms are accessible and give an impression of former life and living in a Drenthe manor.
  12. City Museum Coevorden12

    City Museum Coevorden

    The Stedelijk Museum Coevorden is housed in the Arsenal of Coevorden. The museum illustrates the story of the fortified town of Coevorden from the time in which the first viscount lived to the present. Coevorden was captured destroyed and rebuilt several times in its history. The museum features a c
  13. Kinderwereld Speelgoedmuseum13

    Kinderwereld Speelgoedmuseum

    The Kinderwereld Speelgoedmuseum is dedicated to toys. The collection mainly consists of old toys from late 1700 to 1950. The collection includes dolls and dollhouses, small tableware, trains, cars, board games, tin soldiers, slot machines and LEGO. In addition to looking at the toys, visitors also
  14. Museum De Buitenplaats14

    Museum De Buitenplaats

    Museum De Buitenplaats is for everyone, from visitors who have a love for art and gardens to enthusiasts of historical and modern architecture. The museum pavilion is open year-round for culture lovers. With its own museum collection full of modern art from after 1945 and changing exhibitions, it of
  15. International Wooden Shoe Museum15

    International Wooden Shoe Museum

    The International Wooden Shoe Museum Eelde is a museum dedicated to the wooden shoe, wooden shoe making machines and tools used by clog makers. The museum has the greatest and most extensive collection of clogs in the world. The collection consists of more than 3,000 pairs of clogs and other wooden
  16. Cultuurhistorisch streek- en handkarrenmuseum De Wemme16

    Cultuurhistorisch streek- en handkarrenmuseum De Wemme

    Cultuurhistorisch streek- en handkarren museum De Wemme organizes a new exhibition each year that is related to the countryside of Southwest Drenthe. The museum annually organises new exhibitions on sculptures in the orchard. The exhibition area houses a restoration workshop and a forge. The depot h
  17. Miramar Zeemuseum17

    Miramar Zeemuseum

    The Miramar Zeemuseum exhibits a collection of sea treasures that were collected by Jeanne Warners, the founder of the museum. The museum’s collection is very diverse and features objects ranging from starfish to shells, from flying fish to chitons and corals to sponges. The museum also displays War
  18. Molenmuseum De Wachter18

    Molenmuseum De Wachter

    Molenmuseum De Wachter is a windmill from 1851 that served as an oil mill. Today the mill still produces linseed oil from flaxseed. The mill is also used as a mill for spices and grain is milled for the bakery that is housed in the mill. In addition, there is a steam locomotive and a steam tractor.
  19. Museummolen Jan Pol19

    Museummolen Jan Pol

    Museummolen Jan Pol is a mill from 1820. The mill houses exhibitions on the history of the mill Jan Pol and the villages Dalen, Dalerpeel, Wachtum and Stieltjeskanaal. At the ‘meelzolder’ prehistoric grinding stones and old types of grains and weighing flour are on display. There are also finds from
  20. Museum van Papierknipkunst20

    Museum van Papierknipkunst

    The Museum van Papierknipkunst is dedicated to the history of ‘knipkunst’ and various forms of contemporary ‘knipwerk’. It features national and international, old and recently made ‘papierknipkunst’ by famous and lesser-known artists. The collection of the museum includes ‘knipwerk’ by the famous c
  21. Drukkerijmuseum Meppel21

    Drukkerijmuseum Meppel

    Drukkerijmuseum Meppel tells a dynamic story of communication. The museum displays various objects, materials and facts. The story begins in a prehistoric cave where the first signs of prehistoric men are covered which consisted of scratches in stone, paintings in caves and visual language. The muse
  22. Industrieel Smalspoor Museum22

    Industrieel Smalspoor Museum

    The Industrieel Smalspoor Museum is located on a site of six hectares, next to the Dommerkanaal. Historical machines and locomotives are on display here. The visitor can make a trip through the forest with a narrow gauge railway train. This route was used for the transport of peat to the peat plants
  23. Museum Vosbergen23

    Museum Vosbergen

    Museum Vosbergen is housed in a villa on the Vosbergen estate. The collection consists of about eight hundred musical instruments that are exhibited in a historical perspective. The collection includes Western instruments, non-Western instruments and automatic instruments. Important pieces in the co
  24. Oermuseum West-Drenthe24

    Oermuseum West-Drenthe

    Archeologisch Centrum West Drenthe is located in the only ‘schultebehuizing’ in Drenthe from 1604 that is still partly in its original condition. It is the archaeological centre of the Netherlands. Photo collages and various objects illustrate life of the first inhabitants, the reindeer hunters and
  25. Somewhere in the Netherlands  1939-194525

    Somewhere in the Netherlands 1939-1945

    Foundation Museum Ergens in Nederland 1939 - 1945 is a collection of World War II militaria, which has been on display at the museum in Emmen since March 28, 2015. The militaria collection, built up from the 1980s, contains thousands of items related to World War II and made up to 1945. On display
  26. Planetron Dwingeloo26

    Planetron Dwingeloo

    Planetron Dwingeloo features one of the two Zeiss planetariums in the Netherlands. The Zeiss-planetarium is placed in a dome with a diameter of 15 meters. When it gets dark in the room, a starry sky becomes visible to visitors.
  27. Museum De Proefkolonie27

    Museum De Proefkolonie

    Go 200 years back in time and experience the story of Johannes van den Bosch and the first settlers who found a new future in the Free Colonies of Weldadigheid. At this unique historical site, you will follow in the footsteps of the first paupers and experience their unforgettable story through a un
  28. Orvelte Poort - Ottenshoes28

    Orvelte Poort - Ottenshoes

  29. Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art29

    Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art

    The Museum of Contemporary Tibetan Art was founded by Lama Tashi Norbu, an artist of Tibetan descent. Through the museum, Lama Tashi Norbu wants to awaken spiritual awareness in people all over the world, keep Tibetan art and heritage alive while embracing the West and so the Museum of Contemporary
  30. De Nabershof30

    De Nabershof

  31. Stedelijk Museum Meppel31

    Stedelijk Museum Meppel

  32. Synagoge-Museum Coevorden32

    Synagoge-Museum Coevorden

  33. 33

    Van Gogh Huis

    The van Gogh House in Veenoord/New Amsterdam is the only publicly accessible house in the Netherlands in which Vincent van Gogh lived and worked. The room where Vincent painted is decorated as if the painter could return at any moment from a trip into the moor.
  34. 34

    Museumherberg De Ar

    Museum Inn De Ar displays a private collection spanning 50 years. Among other things, the museum displays a Drentsche room with bedsteads and peat stove, a Groningen grocery store, a Gelderland interior, a South Holland cheese factory anno 1800, a men's hair salon and old children's toys. The museum
  35. 35

    Klokkengieterijmuseum Vries

  36. 36

    Zandstrooiboerderij en Museum

  37. 37

    Dorpsmuseum De Kluis

    Village Museum The Vault is housed in the former freezer vault built in 1958. The building used to consist of 120 freezer cells. The museum organizes exhibitions about old businesses that have already disappeared, such as a bakery, repair shop, blacksmith, barber and shoemaker. In one part of the mu
  38. 38

    Keramisch Museum Goedewaagen

    The Keramisch Museum Goedewaagen displays a collection of ornamental pottery, utensils, tiles and tile tableaux from Art Nouveau and Art Deco. In addition, the museum regularly presents exhibitions on the research the museum is doing in the field of Dutch pottery.
  39. 39

    Vogelpark Ruinen

    Bird park Ruinen is a park that is home to various birds. Species range from exotic birds to Dutch ‘wadvogels’, including parakeets, parrots, cranes, grouse and a snowy owl.
  40. 40

    Stedelijk Museum Assen voor Hedendaagse Kunst

    SMAHK - Stedelijk Museum Assen for Contemporary Art organizes exhibitions concerning contemporary art.
  41. 41

    Museum Thijnhof

    Museum Thijnhof displays its permanent collection consisting of the oeuvre of painter Kees Thijn. These works of art are exhibited in varying combinations. In addition, works of art by the Northern Dutch surrealists Jan van den Brink and Henk Bloemhof are on permanent display.
  42. 42

    Jan Kruis Museum

    The Jan Kruis Museum depicts the work and life of artist Jan Kruis. In addition, there are many interactive sections where visitors can become part of the world of Jan, Jans and the Children themselves or where children can learn to draw the beloved characters.
  43. 43

    Oudheidkamer Beilen

    Oudheidkamer Beilen exhibits a historical collection of paintings, furniture, jewellery and other objects from Beilen that date back from the period 1800-1950. The paintings include works by Egbert van Drielst, Alphonse Stengelin and Reinhart Dozy. In addition the museum exhibits Chinese porcelain,
  44. 44

    De Verhalenwerf

    Peat and Vivianne Miedema are both are important to Hoogeveen. The average inhabitant of the place will tell about them with pride. And it is therefore with due pride that both subjects are told about in De Verhalenwerf. Twice a year there are changing exhibitions in De Verhalenwerf that are tied t
  45. 45

    Collectie Brands

    Collectie Brands is the collection that Jans Brands collected since his childhood. The museum is housed in the farm of the Brands family. The collection consists of approximately 70,000 objects, of which 30,000 are books. Additionally the collection includes coins, cards, various slides, jewellery,
  46. 46

    Stoottroepen Museum

    The Stoottroepen Museum is a museum dedicated to the history of the ‘stoottroepen’ – soldiers of the Dutch Army – which started after the Second World War. The ‘stoottroepen’ were not only present in the Second World War, but also in the Dutch East Indies, New Guinea and the former Yugoslavia. In ad
  47. 47


    The Kunstpaviljoen is a museum house. The permanent collection consists of contemporary art, including works by Maarten Baas, Jurgen Bey, Joris Laarman, Richard Meitner, Auke de Vries and Anne Wenzel. Every year there are four different exhibitions.
  48. 48

    Harmonium museum

    The Harmonium Museum is part of the Veenpark.
  49. 49

    Harte Meijer Accordeon Museum

  50. 50

    Onderduikersmuseum De Duikelaar


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