The best museums in Province of Groningen in October 2023

These are the top 50 best museums in Province of Groningen, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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Looking for the best museums in Province of Groningen? These are the best ones:

  1. Sealcenter Pieterburen1

    Sealcenter Pieterburen

    Sealcenter Pieterburen, located in the quaint village of Pieterburen in the Netherlands, is a rescue center dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of seals. The center was formerly known as Seal Nursery Pieterburen, reflecting its initial focus on caring for young orphaned seals. Today, the center provides care for sick and weakened seals of all ages, with the aim of releasing them back into the wild once they have recovered.
  2. Groninger Museum2

    Groninger Museum

    The Groninger Museum is housed in a building that is considered one of the highlights of postmodernism. The museum has four diverse collections with the following themes: history of Groningen, applied art, contemporary art and old art. The collection includes works by Hendrik Willem Mesdag and Jozef
  3. Vesting Bourtange3

    Vesting Bourtange

    Vesting Bourtange is a historic fortified village that takes visitors back to the year 1742. Besides the fortified village itself, there are also various activities.From lively markets to realistically re-enacted battles.
  4. Museum aan de A4

    Museum aan de A

    Museum aan de A (the former Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum) is housed in two medieval buildings. The museum illustrates the history of Groningen and the Groningers.
  5. De Fraeylemaborg5

    De Fraeylemaborg

    The Fraeylemaborg is a castle situated on an estate of 23 hectares from the 19th century. The interior illustrates how people lived in a luxury house. The interior consists of precious antiques and everyday personal objects and the collection includes works by the Dutch painter Gerrit van Houten (18
  6. De Theefabriek6

    De Theefabriek

    The Theefabriek is housed in the former church and clergy house of Houwerzijl. It consists of a museum, a shop and a tearoom. It offers the largest and most comprehensive collection of tea in the world. The tea museum is dedicated to tea and the history of tea and covers the whole process, from the
  7. Openluchtmuseum Het Hoogeland7

    Openluchtmuseum Het Hoogeland

    Openluchtmuseum Het Hoogeland illustrates how people lived and worked in a small village in the countryside in the 19th century. The museum consists of twenty old buildings. Because of the many different buildings and their detailed decoration, the visitors gets to know the community of the village.
  8. Menkemaborg8


    The Menkemaborg is a borg in Groningen of which the oldest part dates back to the 14th century. It illustrates life in the 18th century. The rooms are decorated with silver, brass, porcelain, furniture and various portraits from the 17th and 18th century. Between the canals are gardens, including th
  9. Museumspoorlijn STAR9

    Museumspoorlijn STAR

    Museumspoorlijn STAR includes diesel trains and a historical steam train and is located between Veendam and Musselkanaal. With a track of 26 kilometres it is the longest museum line of the Netherlands. The carriages shed is converted into a museum, where a collection of authentic attributes from the
  10. Veenkoloniaal Museum Veendam10

    Veenkoloniaal Museum Veendam

    The Veenkoloniaal Museum is a cultural history museum dedicated to the Groningen ‘Veenkoloniën’. The museum covers East Groningen, peat growth and the ‘Bourtanger Moor’. The permanent collection consists of two subcollections: a maritime collection and a collection with objects related to the agricu
  11. University Museum Groningen11

    University Museum Groningen

    University Museum Groningen is a museum dedicated to people, nature and science. The collection consists of objects related to nature, culture and science. The exhibitions of the museum include a collection of flowers and seeds, an anatomical and pathological collection, a psychological collection,
  12. Museum Møhlmann12

    Museum Møhlmann

    Museum Møhlmann is a private museum. The museum exhibits a collection of realistic and figurative art by known and lesser known artists. There are three permanent exhibitions in the museum. Besides works by Rob Møhlmann himself, the museum exhibits works by contemporary figuratives and realists and
  13. Museum Stoomgemaal Winschoten13

    Museum Stoomgemaal Winschoten

  14. Het Behouden Blik14

    Het Behouden Blik

    Welcome in the smallest museum of the northern Netherlands Here you will encounter a large collection of tin boxes and commercial memorabilia of well-known Dutch brands as De Gruyter, Douwe Egberts, Van Nelle, Van Houten, Broekema, Verkade, Niemeijer, Tiktak and many more. The collection offers
  15. Politiepettenmuseum15


    The Police Caps Museum holds a collection of more than 1,500 police caps from some 220 different countries. Among others, it displays caps from Africa, Asia and America. In addition to caps, the museum displays various objects that officers took with them into battle such as long batons and shields.
  16. Nederlands Strijkijzer Museum16

    Nederlands Strijkijzer Museum

    The Dutch Iron Museum shows how people in the past worked their clothes, and the culture surrounding them. Among other things, the museum has a collection of irons, including irons from 300 to 400 years ago.
  17. Museum Slag bij Heiligerlee17

    Museum Slag bij Heiligerlee

    The museum tells the story of the famous battle between the forces of Spain and the Netherlands in May 1568, the first battle of the 80 Years war that culminated into the establishment of the Dutch Republic
  18. Klokkengieterijmuseum18


    The Bell Foundry Museum is housed in an old factory building from 1862. In the past it housed the Van Bergen bell foundry. The museum gives an impression of the history of Van Bergen, which went bankrupt in 1980.
  19. Victory Museum 1940-194519

    Victory Museum 1940-1945

  20. Oudeschans museum en vesting20

    Oudeschans museum en vesting

  21. Museum 't Steenhuus21

    Museum 't Steenhuus

  22. Hortus Haren22

    Hortus Haren

    Haren (GR)
    The Hortus botanicus Haren was founded in 1626 (then in Groningen) and has about twenty acres of gardens. It is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the Netherlands. The garden consists of a Chinese garden, Laarman garden, arboretum, pinetum, English garden, a water garden, a rock garden, bamboo g
  23. Noord-Nederlands Trein & Tram Museum23

    Noord-Nederlands Trein & Tram Museum

    Zuidbroek (GR)
    The North Netherlands Train & Tram Museum is housed in the former station building of Zuidbroek built in 1865. It is the oldest station in the province of Groningen, on the line from the city of Groningen to Nieuweschans. The museum uses costumes, models, photographs, signs, tools and a model railwa
  24. MOW I Museum Westerwolde24

    MOW I Museum Westerwolde

    The MOW focuses on the history and future of the region Westerwolde and the countryside of Groningen. Due to the temporary exhibitions, the museum changes frequently. Every exhibition has its own atmosphere, whether it presents art or objects from the museumcollection. Check the website for the ac
  25. Visserijmuseum Zoutkamp25

    Visserijmuseum Zoutkamp

    Visserijmuseum Zoutkamp is housed in a monumental storage for sea marks in the old inner harbor. The museum illustrates the history and development of fishery in Zoutkamp. In the museum the fishing vessel ‘Tön 2’ is on display, which illustrates how people used to fish in the 60s and 70s. The perman
  26. Muzeeaquarium Delfzijl26

    Muzeeaquarium Delfzijl

    The Muzeeaquarium Delfzijl is situated at the embankment near the harbour. The museum has permanent exhibitions on archaeology, geology, shipping, fishing and shells. There is also an aquarium with various animals and plants from the North Sea and Wadden Sea, which is constructed in a bunker from th
  27. Nationaal Bus Museum27

    Nationaal Bus Museum

    Have you ever wondered what happened to all those wonderful old buses that ran in the Netherlands and which you only now see in old films and books? Well, the good news is, some of them live on! While thousands went to the scrap yard at the end of their working lives, some have found their way into
  28. Museum Wierdenland28

    Museum Wierdenland

    Museum Wierdenland focuses on stories about the culture and landscape of mounds in the northern Wadden Sea area. Most focus is on the National Landscape ‘MiddagHumsterland’ and the mound Ezinge. Ezinge is a mound village built on an artificial hill. The ‘Landschapszaal’ illustrates the history of th
  29. Landgoed Borg Verhildersum29

    Landgoed Borg Verhildersum

    Landgoed Verhildersum illustrates the Groningen countryside in the 19th century. The estate also includes the borg (a noble house), a small house and the museum farm. The Borg dates back to the 14th century and has a 19th century style. The small house from 1888 also has 19th century interior. Vario
  30. Klooster Ter Apel30

    Klooster Ter Apel

    Ter Apel
    Ter Apel Monastery is a former monastery. It includes two modern art galleries and the Museum voor Klooster- en Kerkgeschiedenis & Religieuze Kunst. The monastery used to be a place of hospitality and dedication to passing travelers. In Klooster ter Apel, both permanent and changing exhibits are org
  31. Borg en Nationaal Rijtuigmuseum Nienoord31

    Borg en Nationaal Rijtuigmuseum Nienoord

    Borg en Rijtuigmuseum Nienoord is housed in a monumental borg located on the Nienoord estate. The museum features a large collection of carriages. The collection consists of about 250 carriages and sleighs with related objects. In yearly changing exhibitions, a part of this collection is exhibited.
  32. Streekhistorisch Centrum32

    Streekhistorisch Centrum

    The Streekhistorisch Centrum is dedicated to the history of the Kanaalstreek and Westerwolde. The museum exhibits photographs, films, books, newspapers, documents and objects related to the history of the Kanaalstreek and Westerwolde. The collection is displayed in regularly changing exhibitions.
  33. Kapiteinshuis Nieuwe Pekela33

    Kapiteinshuis Nieuwe Pekela

    Nieuwe Pekela
    Kapiteinshuis Nieuwe Pekela is an old captain's house from the late 18th century. The collection of the museum includes portraits and paintings, writings and various objects, that are related to the history of Pekela and shipping in the 18th and 19th century. In addition, the collection includes Rus
  34. Botanische Tuin Domies Toen34

    Botanische Tuin Domies Toen

    Botanische Tuin Domies Toen is located around the Petrus church in Pieterburen. It is the old clergy house garden of that town. The botanical garden consists of the following parts: a nature garden, a herb garden, a rose garden, a ‘slingertuin’, a ‘hooiland’, a ‘dobbe’, plant borders and a gazebo. T
  35. Museumgemaal Cremer35

    Museumgemaal Cremer

    Museumgemaal Cremer is a pumping station from 1930. Natural gas production caused subsidence which made the building of a new pumping station inevitable. In 2002, the pumping station was no longer used and became a museum pumping station. It is named after father and son Cremer, hydraulic engineers
  36. Noorderlicht. Studio | Festival | On Tour36

    Noorderlicht. Studio | Festival | On Tour

    Exhibitions, festivals, debate and publications in the field of contemporary photography and other visual arts.
  37. De Groninger Zilverkamer37

    De Groninger Zilverkamer

  38. Brandweermuseum Hoogezand - Sappemeer38

    Brandweermuseum Hoogezand - Sappemeer

  39. Synagoge Groningen39

    Synagoge Groningen

  40. Museum Stad Appingedam40

    Museum Stad Appingedam

    Museum Stad Appingendam is dedicated to the history and development of Appingedam. Besides Groningen, it is the only city in the province of Groningen that dates back to the Middle Ages. The permanent collection is exhibited in several rooms. A porcelain and a silver collection are on display in the
  41. 41

    Oudheidkamer Uithuizermeeden

    Oudheidkamer Uithuizermeeden is a museum that displays weapons, armor and other historical objects to visitors.
  42. 42

    Museum De Weem

    Museum De Weem is located in the home and also exhibition space of Henk Helmantel. Mainly still lifes and interiors of churches and monasteries are the subject of his paintings.
  43. 43

    Museum Musica

  44. 44

    Boerderij Museum Duurswold

  45. 45

    Groninger Schaatsmuseum Sappemeer

    The Groninger Schaatsmuseum Sappemeer displays skates that are sometimes region- and/or province-specific. There are also models developed by private individuals that bear their names. In addition to ice skates, the museum displays various objects related to ice skating.
  46. 46

    Het Abel Tasman Kabinet

    The Abel Tasman Cabinet is dedicated to Abel Janszoon Tasman. This seafarer-explorer was in the service of the Dutch East India Company and put Tasmania, New Zealand, Tonga and the Fiji Islands, among others, on the world map.
  47. 47

    Museumgemaal de Hoogte

  48. 48

    Het Kinderwagen Museum

    The Pram Museum is housed in a 1905 Oldambtster farmhouse. The museum has a collection of 400 baby carriages, doll carriages, and cribs. In addition, the museum exhibits include baby clothes, christening gowns, adult clothing, toys, and baby care items.
  49. 49

    Museum Het Joodse Schooltje

    Museum Het Joodse Schooltje was an old schoolhouse until 1996. Today it is a monument in memory of the Jewish inhabitants of Leek.
  50. 50

    Abrahams's Mosterdmakerij

    Abrahams Mustard Factory shows visitors on a tour how mustard is made. Everything about the production of Abrahams mustard is covered. Dinner can be had in the adjacent restaurant after a visit.

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