The best museums in Overijssel in September 2023

These are the top 50 best museums in Overijssel, ranked by their rating and popularity in 2023. Click a museum for more information about the museum, including visitor information, exhibitions and reviews.

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Looking for the best museums in Overijssel? These are the best ones:

  1. Museum de Fundatie1

    Museum de Fundatie

    Museum de Fundatie, Paleis aan de Blijmark is a museum of visual arts. The collection consists of old, modern and contemporary art, applied art and ethnographic objects. Part of the collection consists of modern and contemporary art that was made in the province of Overijssel. Important in the museu
  2. Twickel Castle2

    Twickel Castle

    Ambt Delden
    Twickel is a castle that is mentioned for the first time in 1347. The oldest parts of the current castle date from the 16th century. It is situated on an estate of four thousand hectares that consists of fields and meadows, forests with old oaks, meres, lakes, heathes and ‘houtwallen’. On the proper
  3. Stedelijk Museum Kampen3

    Stedelijk Museum Kampen

    The Stedelijk Museum Kampen is housed in the old town hall in Kampen. It has a collection that consists of four main themes: law, religion, water, and the House of Orange-Nassau. Important in the museum is the ‘Schepenzaal’ from 1545, in which is shown how law was practised in the past. Every year t
  4. Museum Anno4

    Museum Anno

    Museum Anno is dedicated to the cultural history and art from Zwolle. The museum consists of an old part, the former 16th century ‘Drostenhuis’ and a new part from 1997. The collection includes paintings by 17th century masters, cultural and historical objects, silverware and prints. The museum hold
  5. Museum de Fundatie5

    Museum de Fundatie

    Museum de Fundatie, Kasteel het Nijenhuis the Nijenhuis is a museum of visual art. The museum is located in the Nijenhuis, an estate with manor. The collection that is exhibited in the castle is based on the collection of Dirk Hannema, former director of Museum Boijmans. It is a varied collection t
  6. Rijksmuseum Twenthe6

    Rijksmuseum Twenthe

    Rijksmuseum Twente is a museum of old and modern art and applied art. Works from the Middle Ages to the present day are on display in the museum. The collection consists of more than eight thousand pieces. There are about ten exhibitions each year, based on the permanent collection. There is a typic
  7. Museum De Oude Aarde7

    Museum De Oude Aarde

    Museum De Oude Aarde is a museum of minerals and fossils. In this museum, the visitor finds himself in the world of gemstones and fossils from the depths of the earth. For children there is a scavenger hunt through the museum and outside they can go look for crystals in the pond.
  8. Museum Buurtspoorweg8

    Museum Buurtspoorweg

    Museum Buurtspoorweg (MBS) is a museum railway line between Haaksbergen and Boekelo. The collection of the museum consists of steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, restored train carriages and a collection of historical objects. Visitors experience how people travelled in the past. The museum illus
  9. Museum EICAS9

    Museum EICAS

  10. Museum Giethoorn 't Olde Maat Uus10

    Museum Giethoorn 't Olde Maat Uus

    Visit Museum Giethoorn 't Olde Maat Uus, which is located in an original historical farmhouse. It is the only place in Giethoorn where you can see how people lived more than 100 years ago and how they earned a meagre living by cutting peat and building small boats (‘punters’). There is also a museum
  11. Openluchtmuseum Ootmarsum11

    Openluchtmuseum Ootmarsum

    Openluchtmuseum Ootmarsum is a museum that illustrates life in the countryside of Twente from a hundred years ago. It consists of seventeen authentic buildings fully furnished with their own story. In addition to the typical Saxon farmhouses, the museum features outbuildings, including a blacksmith,
  12. Museum Natura Docet12

    Museum Natura Docet

    Natura Docet Wonderryck Twente is the first natural history museum in the Netherlands that was open to the public. The museum takes the visitor on a search for the origins of the Twente landscape. The museum collection consists of various objects such as animals, fossils and minerals. The museum gar
  13. Ikonenmuseum Kampen13

    Ikonenmuseum Kampen

    Ikonenmuseum Kampen is housed in a historical monastery that used to be part of the convent of the Franciscans. The museum distinguishes itself from other museums with Christian and religious art by only exhibiting icons. The permanent exhibition consists of approximately 170 icons. The museum shows
  14. Oyfo Technology Museum14

    Oyfo Technology Museum

    Explore our Oyfo Engineering Museum. In Hazemeijer's old factory, explore what technology means in our lives. See how our world is changing because of technology. Learn all about steam engines and smartphones, robots and art, energy sources and our planet. In short, everything about man and technolo
  15. Streekmuseum Ommen15

    Streekmuseum Ommen

    Streekmuseum Ommen exhibits objects from Ommen and its surroundings. The museum illustrates the cultural heritage of Ommen. It features a permanent exhibition on prison camp Erika. In addition, the collection includes old interiors, costumes, objects related to agriculture and livestock, tools from
  16. Museum No Hero16

    Museum No Hero

    On April 15, an entirely new art museum opened its doors to the public: Museum No Hero. Housed in a historic building in the town of Delden, surrounded by a beautiful garden. Nine exhibition rooms, filled with a beautiful selection of paintings, sculptures, furniture and the occasional clock, show y
  17. Memory Libertymuseum17

    Memory Libertymuseum

    The Memory Freedom Museum in Nijverdal takes you on the hard-won journey into what is now called our freedom. How World War II was able to happen. How we as the Netherlands defended our freedom against the invading enemy. How the occupiers oppressed us for five years and took away our freedoms. And
  18. Museum De Waag18

    Museum De Waag

    Museum De Waag is home to the urban collection of the city of Deventer. The rich city history is told in ever-changing exhibitions. In summer, this takes the form of a retrospective. In other seasons, the exhibitions highlight a specific theme.
  19. Museum Geert Groote Huis19

    Museum Geert Groote Huis

    Geert Groote (1340 - 1384) is the most important Deventer in history. He is known far beyond our borders as the founder of the Modern Devotion. This renewal movement stood for a personal experience of faith and a simple and sincere life. In the museum Geert Groote Huis, on the foundations of the
  20. Zoutmuseum Delden20

    Zoutmuseum Delden

    Zoutmuseum Delden is situated in the gardens of castle Twickel, on the grounds where salt was found in the soil in 1886. The museum illustrates the history of this treasure. In the permanent exhibition various topics on salt are covered such as salt mining, the formation of salt layers and the symbo
  21. Nationaal Tinnen Figuren Museum21

    Nationaal Tinnen Figuren Museum

    The Nationaal Tinnen Figuren Museum is housed in the former town hall of Ommen. The collection of the museum consists of tin, plastic, paper and cardboard figures, which are exhibited in dioramas. The figures illustrate myths, fairy tales and historical events. Among other events, the museum display
  22. De Bergkerk22

    De Bergkerk

  23. Speelgoedmuseum Deventer23

    Speelgoedmuseum Deventer

    Speelgoedmuseum Deventer is housed in two 14th century houses. The collection consists of toys that were used in the Netherlands, and consists of more than 13,000 objects. The collection includes excavated toys from the 13th century, but also modern toys. Themes that recur are trains and mechanical
  24. Historisch Museum Vriezenveen24

    Historisch Museum Vriezenveen

    Historisch Museum Vriezenveen is housed in the former town hall of Almelo. It illustrates the history of the municipality of Almelo. Among others, there is a permanent exhibition on the history of the textile industry in the region. There is also a Russian section where the story is told of the ‘Rus
  25. Schoonewelle Museum voor Natuur en Ambacht25

    Schoonewelle Museum voor Natuur en Ambacht

    Schoonewelle Museum voor Natuur en Ambacht exhibits a large natural history collection. The core of the museum’s collection is a collection of mammals and birds. The museum shows the diversity of nature in western Overijssel. In addition, the collection includes ancient objects, maps and photos that
  26. Museum Het Palthe-Huis26

    Museum Het Palthe-Huis

    Museum Palthehuis is a historical museum housed in a 17th century house. The museum features 18th century ‘style rooms’ that illustrate how rich people lived in the 18th century. It features a pharmacy, living room, kitchen, upstairs room, dining room, library and a carriage house. The historical co
  27. Stadsmuseum Steenwijk27

    Stadsmuseum Steenwijk

    Stadsmuseum Steenwijk is dedicated to the history and culture of Steenwijk. By exhibiting various objects, the museum illustrates the city's history. The collection includes pottery, silver objects, dolls and furniture that are from the region or are related to Steenwijk. The museum also covers the
  28. Museum Hengelo28

    Museum Hengelo

    Historisch Museum Hengelo is housed in an old patrician house. The museum illustrates the cultural history and development of Hengelo. One of the topics that are discussed in the museum is the rise of industry in Hengelo in the 19th century. It displays both finds of the first residents and finds fr
  29. Museumboerderij Erve Hofman29

    Museumboerderij Erve Hofman

    Museumboerderij Erve Hofman is a in Saxon style decorated farmhouse from the 15th century. The farm is characterized by a compact, rectangular floor plan and a low roof. The living area is still original with authentic utensils and tools. The museum includes an oven, a sheep barn, a horse mill, a we
  30. Museum Bussemakerhuis30

    Museum Bussemakerhuis

    Museum Bussemakerhuis is a monumental ‘fabrikeurshuis’. It is the only remaining 18th century linen ‘fabrikeurshuis’ in the Netherlands. The museum illustrates the Born linen history in the 18th and 19th century. The museum covers four main topics: linen, ‘fabrikeurs’, the Mennonite Church in the Ne
  31. Hildo Krop Museum31

    Hildo Krop Museum

    The Hildo Krop Museum manages the collection for the municipality of Steenwijkerland. The Hildo Krop Museum has also set itself the task of expanding one facet of Krop's versatility each year.
  32. Rijssens Museum32

    Rijssens Museum

    The Rijssens Museum is a town museum situated on the castle grounds of De Oosterhof. The collection includes art, costumes and weighing and measuring instruments that illustrate the history of Rijssen. In addition, the museum covers the jute industry that used to be very important for the economy of
  33. Museum De Pelgrim33

    Museum De Pelgrim

    Museum De Pelgrim is housed in a small house. The museum is dedicated to cultural and religious heritage. The museum exhibits objects that are used in the Catholic Church. Each exhibited object has its own story. The objects were collected by Toos Achterweust-Siegerink. It is her house that turned i
  34. Grolsch Brewery Tour34

    Grolsch Brewery Tour

    Do you want to know how the beautiful Grolsch ends up in the unique swing-top bottle? Then visit the Grolsch brewery for an extensive tour. Everything you want to know will be covered; the rich history, the brewing of the characteristic lager and the many specialty beers, the bottling of the unique
  35. Tapijtmuseum35


    The Tapijtmuseum is housed in two factory buildings. The museum illustrates the history of the Dutch production of broadloom carpets. On the ground floor old looms are displayed. The first floor offers space for presentations of handicrafts and handloom weaving. On the second floor is a cinema and a
  36. Natuurdiorama Holterberg36

    Natuurdiorama Holterberg

    Natuurdiorama Holterberg is an open air museum that exhibits a large collection of European animal species. The museum displays more than a thousand animals, including the only surviving monkey species in the Netherlands and the largest Dutch songbird. The animals are on display in eleven large dior
  37. Etty Hillesum Centrum37

    Etty Hillesum Centrum

    The Etty Hillesum Centrum has a permanent exhibition hall and a hall where temporary themed exhibitions are organized. The two permanent exhibitions are themed Etty Hillesum and Jewish life in Deventer. Etty Hillesum was known for the publication of her diary after she was murdered in Auschwitz. Obj
  38. Veenmuseum Vriezenveenseveld38

    Veenmuseum Vriezenveenseveld

    Veenmuseum Vriezenveenseveld illustrates working and living in the time of the extraction of peat in North Twente in the period from 1850 to 1950. Visitors can see the whole site in an original peat train, or walk to the decorated peat huts, the old Vriezenveen farmhouse and the little shop. In the
  39. American Motorcycle Museum39

    American Motorcycle Museum

    The American Motorcycle Museum presents an overview of American motorcycles from the early 1900s to the 80s. The museum collection consists of about 140 American motorcycles, including many Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles and motorcycles that were used by the Americans and Canadians during th
  40. KunstaanZ40


    KunstaanZ focuses on visual art of the 20th and 21st centuries. The exhibitions show a variety with photographs, paintings, sculptures, creations, film, theater and music. Opening hours and location may vary.
  41. Herman Brood Museum-Experience41

    Herman Brood Museum-Experience

    The Herman Brood Museum-Experience is housed in a distinctive 1444 building. In addition to viewing Brood's work, visitors can get a glimpse into Herman Brood's life through photos, objects, film and sound.
  42. Former Synagoge of Kampen42

    Former Synagoge of Kampen

    The former synagogue of the city of Kampen in the Dutch province of Overijssel stands on the IJsselkade. The synagogue was built in 1847 to the design of city architect Nicolaas Plomp. During the German occupation of the Netherlands during World War II, especially in 1942, almost all the Jewish i
  43. Rams Woerthe Villa43

    Rams Woerthe Villa

    Enter Villa Rams Woerthe, and discover the grandeur of this imposing art nouveau villa. Behind the dashing wrought-iron entrance gate, you will discover a beautifully preserved interior with extraordinary murals glazed tiles, marble paneling and enormous fireplaces. If you walk up the majestic
  44. Museum het Drostenhuis44

    Museum het Drostenhuis

  45. Het Vrouwenhuis45

    Het Vrouwenhuis

    The Vrouwenhuis Zwolle is the women's home of Aleida Greve. In the museum, visitors walk through authentically decorated interiors from 1680 to 1980. These include the Regent's Room and the simple room of an inhabitant from the 20th century. In addition, the museum displays paintings by six "brush p
  46. Museum Staphorst46

    Museum Staphorst

    Closed, but visit the site for impressions of the new exhibits. At Museum Staphorst, visitors are introduced to the colorful culture of the Staphorst municipality. The museum is divided into a number of rooms decorated in a typical Staphorst manner. The old living quarters show how people used to li
  47. Schoolmuseum Educatorium Ootmarsum47

    Schoolmuseum Educatorium Ootmarsum

    The Educational Museum Educatorium Ootmarsum is dedicated to education in the past. Among other things, the museum displays a classroom from 1662, classrooms from the 1920s and 1960s, a crafts class and a kindergarten class.
  48. Museum Ton Schulten48

    Museum Ton Schulten

    Museum Ton Schulten is dedicated to the Dutch painter Ton Schulten. His world, his vision, his thinking and quest can be found in the paintings on display. In addition, there are documentaries about the painter on display. There is also a separate themed room where changing exhibitions are held with
  49. Dinoland Zwolle49

    Dinoland Zwolle

  50. Museum Palthehof50

    Museum Palthehof


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