All science & technology museums and attractions to visit in Germany

Germany has some interesting places to visit if you are interested in science and technology. Below we list all 32 museums and attractions related to science and technology in Germany for you to visit.

Are you into science and technology and are you looking for the best science museums to visit in Germany? These are the ones:

  1. Deutsches Museum1

    Deutsches Museum

    Located on an island in the middle of the city, the Deutsches Museum is the largest museum devoted to science and technology worldwide. Explore the collection of over 100 000 objects ranging from candelabras to a U1 submarine, or watch one of the interesting interactive programs that change on a dai
  2. German Museum of Technology Berlin2

    German Museum of Technology Berlin

    The Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin (German Museum of Technology Berlin) is one of the largest engineering museums in the world, with an exhibition area of ​​approximately 50,000 m². The exhibition includes: vintage cars, airplanes, trains, ships, electromagnetic coils, coffers, jewelry, machines, co
  3. Natural History Museum Berlin3

    Natural History Museum Berlin

    The Natural History Museum in Berlin (Museum für Naturkunde) is housed in a building erected between 1883 and 1889. With a collection of more than 60 million objects, it is one of the largest natural history museums in the world. A highlight in the Natural History Musuem in Berlin is the world's lar
  4. German Hygiene Museum4

    German Hygiene Museum

    The German Hygiene Museum (Deutsches Hygiene-Museum) is a medical museum in Dresden. It sees itself as a public forum for science, culture and society. On permanent display are the permanent exhibition "Abenteuer Mensch" and the "Kinder-Museum Unsere fünf Sinne". The permanent exhibition puts the hu
  5. Universum Bremen5

    Universum Bremen

    The Universum Bremen is an interactive science exhibition in Bremen where visitors can interact with the more than 300 exhibits that are related to technology, man and nature. This way, visitors can experience and understand scientific phenomena up close and with all their senses.
  6. Transport Museum Dresden6

    Transport Museum Dresden

    The Transport Museum Dresden (Verkehrsmuseum Dresden) is a museum in Dresden that is housed in The Johanneum, a 16th-century Renaissance building, that displays vehicles of all modes of transport and their history. The museum is divided into thematic areas, namely: Railway, Cars, Bicycles and motorb
  7. 7

    Game Science Center

    Discover new technologies in an interactive way in the Game Science Center in Berlin. This entertaining museum is packed with playful exhibitions which are both fun and educative. Experience the future, try virtual reality and enjoy loads of games. Suitable for all ages.
  8. Übersee-Museum8


    Distant continents have always fascinated both travellers and those who stay at home. 100 years ago, the Übersee-Museum Bremen already presented "The World under one Umbrella", and to this very day it has set standards with its modern-day presentation style. In the Übersee-Museum, the combination of
  9. Zeiss Planetarium9

    Zeiss Planetarium

    The Zeiss Planetarium Bochum is a planetarium in Bochum in Germany. It was opened in 1964 and since then belongs to the most modern facilities of its kind worldwide. Under the dome with a diameter of 20 meters is space for around 260 people. A central projector shows the starry sky under the dome ro
  10. U-Boot Museum Hamburg10

    U-Boot Museum Hamburg

    The U-Boot Museum Hamburg (Submarine Museum Hamburg) is housed in the Soviet submarine B-515, which was a Tango-class submarine of the Soviet and Russian Navies. The submarine is also referred to as U-434, which derives from the number painted on the vessel. The crew of the submarine consisted of 78
  11. Science Center Spectrum11

    Science Center Spectrum

  12. Museum for Communication Berlin12

    Museum for Communication Berlin

    The Museum for Communication Berlin (Museum für Kommunikation Berlin) traces the history of communication and projects the possible future as well. One section of the exhibition is dedicated to the history of transport - displaying historical carriages and coaches. You will learn interesting facts a
  13. Odysseum13


    The Odysseum in Cologne is a science center that is seen as an Experience house of knowledge. The Odysseum sees itself as a place of knowledge communication and uses the metaphor of the Odyssey as a journey. Human development is seen as an open-ended journey, science as progress and as a problem. At
  14. Museum for Industrial Culture14

    Museum for Industrial Culture

    The Museum of Industrial Culture in Nuremberg is a museum of technology, culture and social history that documents the history of industrialization, focusing on examples of Nuremberg. The museum is housed in a hall of the former ironworks Julius Tafel (Tafelwerk) and covers around 6,000 m² of exhibi
  15. Carl-Zeiss-Planetarium15


    The Carl Zeiss Planetarium is a planetarium in Stuttgart in Germany. In addition to the actual planetarium, the Planetarium Stuttgart also operates the Welzheim Observatory. All the shows and presentations in the stardome are simulcast in English.
  16. Paleontological Museum Munich16

    Paleontological Museum Munich

    The Paleontological Museum Munich is a museum in Munich that exhibits objects from the Bayerischen Staatssammlung für Paläontologie und Geologie (Bavarian State Collection for Paleontology and Geology). The building that houses the museum dates from the 20th century when it was planned to be a schoo
  17. Zeiss Major Planetarium17

    Zeiss Major Planetarium

    The Zeiss Major Planetarium in Berlin was opened in 1987 and is one of the largest modern stellar theatres in Europe. The dome has a diameter of 23 metres and is equipped with a Carl Zeiss AG Universarium IX planetarium projector, as well as 100 slide projectors, a laser show installation and sound
  18. Dresden Museum of Technology and Industry18

    Dresden Museum of Technology and Industry

    The Dresden Museum of Technology and Industry (Technische Sammlungen Dresden) is a museum in Dresden that is dedicated to the recent history of Dresden's economy. The museum houses and exhibits an extensive technical collection on around 6000 m² of exhibition space. The main themes in the Dresden Mu
  19. Sternwarte Hamburg19

    Sternwarte Hamburg

    The Hamburg Observatory is an astronomical observatory that is owned and operated by the University of Hamburg. In 1979 a small museum dedicated to Bernard Schmidt was founded.
  20. Phanomania Erfahrungsfeld20

    Phanomania Erfahrungsfeld

  21. Museumshafen Oevelgonne21

    Museumshafen Oevelgonne

    The Museumshafen Oevelgonne exhibits restored sailing ships & working boats from the 19th & 20th centuries.
  22. Altes Pumpwerk22

    Altes Pumpwerk

    The Altes Pumpwerk (Old pumping station) is a disused sewage pumping station in Bremen that is now used as a museum that illustrates the history of water treatment and wastewater disposal. In addition to a visit to the machine hall and an exhibition on sewage history and sewage technology, it is als
  23. Frankfurter Feldbahn Museum23

    Frankfurter Feldbahn Museum

    The Frankfurter Feldbahn Museum is a musuem in Frankfurt dedicated to the narrow gauge railway. Feldbahnen are a narrow-gauge railway transport system. Track systems can be laid quickly, flexibly and without much technical effort. The gauge of the field railway is often 600 millimeters. For comparis
  24. Wilhelm-Foerster-Sternwarte mit Planetarium am Insulaner24

    Wilhelm-Foerster-Sternwarte mit Planetarium am Insulaner

    The Planetarium am Insulaner with its magnificent artificial starry sky can be found at the foot of the hill of the same name. Here, visitors can experience 360-degree shows, astronomical live lectures, radio plays, readings, music shows and children's programs. At the Wilhelm Foerster Observatory (
  25. Regiomontanus-Sternwarte25


    The Regiomontanus-Sternwarte Nürnberg is an astronomical observatory, aimed primarily at the public teaching of astronomy. It is located at the second highest point of the Nuremberg metropolitan area, the Rechenberg, in the St. Jobst district at about 338 meters. All the activities of the observator
  26. Archenhold Observatory26

    Archenhold Observatory

    The Archenhold Observatory (Archenhold Sternwarte) is an end of the 19th century created public observatory in the Treptower Park in Berlin. It houses the Great Refractor, the longest pointable telescope in the world, also called Celestial Cannon. The institution was named after Friedrich Simon Arch
  27. Berliner U-Bahn Museum27

    Berliner U-Bahn Museum

    The Berliner U-Bahn Museum (Berlin Underground Museum) is housed in the electromechanical Hebelstellwerk Olympia Stadion, which was in operation from 1931 to 1983. The adjecent rooms of the signal box are exhibition rooms with numerous exhibits. In addition to occasional photo exhibitions, four to s
  28. Railway Museum28

    Railway Museum

    Eisenbahnmuseum Bw Dresden-Altstadt is a railway museum in Dresden. It is located at The Bahnbetriebswerk Dresden-Altstadt, a former railway depot in Dresden. of which only a few parts of the original facility exists. The actual stock of the Dresden-Altstadt Railway Museum includes various steam loc
  29. Rheinisches Industriebahn-Museum29

    Rheinisches Industriebahn-Museum

    The Rheinische Industriebahn-Museum (RIM) is a museum in Cologne. The museum preserves and exhibits industrial rail vehicles and researches and documents their history. The Rheinisches Industriebahn-Museum owns about 70 traction units of different gauge (600 mm and standard gauge) and traction type,
  30. 30

    Schuppen Eins - Zentrum fur Automobilkultur und Mobilität

    Schuppen Eins - Zentrum fur Automobilkultur und Mobilität is an old-timer center in Bremen. It is the center for automotive culture and mobility for Bremen and the northwest of Germany. The port and automobile history are revived in this historic two-storey general cargo handling shed. It constantly
  31. 31

    GeoMuseum - University of Cologne

    The GeoMuseum - University of Cologne is the only natural history museum in Cologne. The museum holds and exhibits a collection that includes minerals, gemstones, meteorites and fossils.
  32. 32

    Erlebniswelt Hannover Airport


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