All art museums and attractions to visit in the Netherlands

the Netherlands has a lot to offer for art lovers. Below we list all 200 art museums that are located in the Netherlands.

Do you like art and are you looking for the best art museums to visit in the Netherlands? These are the ones:

  1. Van Gogh Museum1

    Van Gogh Museum

    More than 860 paintings and nearly 1,200 works on paper by Vincent van Gogh have been preserved. The Van Gogh Museum owns the largest Van Gogh collection, consisting of 201 paintings, 437 drawings and 31 prints. In addition to works by Van Gogh, the museum exhibits a collection of works by other maj
  2. Rijksmuseum2


    The Rijksmuseum is located in a unique historical building from 1885 by architect PJH Cuypers. The museum is dedicated to Dutch art and Dutch history. The collection is exhibited in over two hundred rooms and includes works by Dutch masters such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer and Frans Hals
  3. Mauritshuis3


    The Hague
    The Mauritshuis is home to the Best of Dutch painting from the Golden Age. The compact, yet world-renowned collection, is situated in the heart of The Hague, right next to the government centre. Masterpieces such as Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp by Remb
  4. Escher Museum4

    Escher Museum

    The Hague
    The Escher Museum is housed in ‘Paleis Lange Voorhout’, the former winter palace of Queen Emma. The museum is dedicated to the 20th century art of MC Escher. The museum features some 130 works by the Dutch graphic artist. Imporant in the museum is Metamorphosis III, a seven meter long woodcut. This
  5. Museum Panorama Mesdag5

    Museum Panorama Mesdag

    The Hague
    Museum Panorama Mesdag is an icon of The Hague, with the Panorama of Scheveningen being the absolute highlight. Step into the largest painting of The Netherlands, be inspired by the impressive collection of works by Hendrik Willem Mesdag and Sientje Mesdag - van Houten. Visit surprising exhibitions
  6. Kröller-Müller Museum6

    Kröller-Müller Museum

    The Kröller-Müller Museum is located in the National Park De Hoge Veluwe. The museum has a world famous collection that mainly consists of 19th and 20th century art. The sculpture garden and the large collection of works by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh are the most important. The museum has so
  7. Kunstmuseum Den Haag7

    Kunstmuseum Den Haag

    The Hague
    Kunstmuseum Den Haag (formerly known as Gemeentemuseum Den Haag) is a museum with a diverse collections of modern art, applied art, musical instruments and fashion. It owns the largest collection of works by Piet Mondrian and is the centre of the Hague School, owning works by Israel, Jongkind, Maris
  8. Rembrandt House Museum8

    Rembrandt House Museum

    The Rembrandt House Museum is housed in the former house of the Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn. This famous painter lived and worked in this house for nearly twenty years. The interior is restored to the style of the times in which Rembrandt lived. The museum displays paintings by artists who work
  9. Frans Hals Museum (Groot Heiligland 62)9

    Frans Hals Museum (Groot Heiligland 62)

    The Frans Hals Museum is Haarlem’s museum of fine art. Home to the world’s biggest collection of Frans Hals's paintings, alongside works by famous Haarlem artists such as Judith Leyster, Cornelis van Haarlem and Jacob van Ruisdael. And discover also the museum’s rich collection of art from the 1880s
  10. Teylers Museum10

    Teylers Museum

    Teylers Museum has an important collection of drawings by Italian and Dutch masters, including famous prints and drawings by Rembrandt and Michelangelo. It also has a collection of paintings with works from the Romantic and Hague School. In the monumental Oval Room, various instruments are exhibited
  11. Zuiderzee Museum11

    Zuiderzee Museum

    The Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen brings stories of the people who once lived on the shores of the Zuiderzee to life. See, hear, feel, taste and smell everyday life round the Zuiderzee as it was before the Afsluitdijk (the great IJsselmeer Barrier Dam) turned the former inland sea into what we now k
  12. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen12

    Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

    A visit to Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is a journey through the history of art. Dutch and European masterpieces provide a comprehensive survey of art from the early Middle Ages to the 21st century, from Bosch, Rembrandt and Van Gogh to Dalí and Dutch Design.
  13. Het Loo Palace13

    Het Loo Palace

    The Loo Palace was a royal palace for three centuries. The museum shows how the successive royal families lived in the palace. The collection consists of some 160,000 objects, including paintings, sculptures, applied art, furniture, costumes, carriages and books. In a multimedia presentation, the st
  14. Museum MORE14

    Museum MORE

    Museum MORE is located in the former town hall in Gorssel. It is the largest museum for contemporary Dutch realism. Works by leading contemporary Dutch realistic artists of the past 100 years are displayed in the museum. From Jan Mankes to Pyke Koch and Carel Willink to Charley Toorop. Their body of
  15. Castle De Haar15

    Castle De Haar

    Castle De Haar is the largest and most luxurious castle in the Netherlands. The castle illustrates the world of luxury in which the baron family lives. The museum consists of the castle, a collection of art objects and the surrounding park and the associated property. Both the guest houses and serva
  16. Vermeer Centrum Delft16

    Vermeer Centrum Delft

    Vermeer Centrum Delft is dedicated to the life of the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675). The museum covers his work and his relationship to Delft. The permanent exhibition illustrates how Johannes Vermeer worked in his studio. In addition, the stories are told of the 37 paintings that the V
  17. Tropenmuseum17


    The Tropenmuseum is housed in a monumental building on the grounds of the former ‘Oosterbegraafplaats’. The museum illustrates different cultures and the daily lives of people around the world. The collection consists of artworks, utensils, films, music and photos. The visitor travels through the wo
  18. Online discount!Fabrique des Lumières18

    Fabrique des Lumières

    Fabrique des Lumières brings art to life: the work of the greatest artists ever, combined with image and sound using new technology.
  19. Hermitage Amsterdam19

    Hermitage Amsterdam

    The Hermitage Amsterdam is part of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg (Russia). The museum organizes changing art exhibitions. A new exhibition is opened twice a year. The exhibited collections are on various topics such as Alexander the Great, Flemish art, religious art or Russian tsars. A separate bu
  20. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam20

    Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

    The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is the must-see museum of modern and contemporary art and design. The collection is one of the most important collections of modern and contemporary art and design in the world. The most meaningful movements in both art and design are represented with (inter)national
  21. Museum Prinsenhof Delft21

    Museum Prinsenhof Delft

    Museum Prinsenhof Delft is one of the Top 100 UNESCO monuments in the Netherlands. The museum illustrates the story of William of Orange and his role in the formation of the Dutch Republic. It is situated at the place where he was killed. The museum exhibits paintings, historical artefacts, prints a
  22. Amsterdam Museum22

    Amsterdam Museum

    The Amsterdam Museum presents exhibitions on a wide range of urban issues. We share knowledge, show art and heritage, and tell relevant stories - past, present and future. Historical and contemporary stories that make the city what it is, in all its forms. We do this at our museum locations in the h
  23. Sculptures by the sea23

    Sculptures by the sea

    Museum Beelden aan Zee focuses exclusively on contemporary sculpture.The first sculpture in the collection was purchased by the founders Theo and Lida Scholten, in 1966. The museum was founded in 1994 and now holds nearly one thousand sculptures and several hundreds of medals. This is the only Dutch
  24. Kijk-kubus24


    The Kijk-kubus is the fully decorated museum house of the ‘Blaakse Bos’. The Kijk-Kubus is part of the cube houses that were built and designed by architect Piet Blom in the period 1982 – 1984. The interior illustrates how people live in these cube houses. Exhibition of models, photographs and multi
  25. Drents Museum25

    Drents Museum

    The Drents Museum is housed in an old building from 1885. The museum originally opened in 1854 and is one of the oldest museums in the Netherlands. A large collection on the prehistory of Drenthe is on display. In addition, the museum displays bog bodies such as the ‘Yde girl’ and owns a collection
  26. Rietveld Schröder House26

    Rietveld Schröder House

    The Rietveld Schröder House is designed by Gerrit Rietveld in 1924. The house is completely designed according to the ideas of the De Stijl art movement and is since 2000 on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visitors can see how pliable and multifunctional in particular the central "living room" is on
  27. Royal Palace of Amsterdam27

    Royal Palace of Amsterdam

    The Royal Palace of Amsterdam is the palace of the royal family where visitors are received. When the palace is not used by the royal family, the building is open to the public. It was built between 1648 and 1665 as a town hall, designed by Jacob van Campen. Several works by famous artists refer to
  28. Groninger Museum28

    Groninger Museum

    The Groninger Museum is housed in a building that is considered one of the highlights of postmodernism. The museum has four diverse collections with the following themes: history of Groningen, applied art, contemporary art and old art. The collection includes works by Hendrik Willem Mesdag and Jozef
  29. Het Noordbrabants Museum29

    Het Noordbrabants Museum

    The Noordbrabants Museum is housed in the former Military Governorate, a monumental 18th century city palace. It is a museum of art, history and culture of North Brabant. The museum illustrates the cultural history of North Brabant by exhibiting historical objects and works of art. The collection ra
  30. De Mesdag Collectie30

    De Mesdag Collectie

    The Hague
    Museum De Mesdag Collectie is housed in the old house of the Dutch painter Hendrik Willem Mesdag. The museum exhibits paintings by French and Dutch masters of the 19th century, which were collected by Hendrik Willem Mesdag and his wife Sientje Mesdag-Van Houten. To decorate the house and the museum,
  31. The Museum of the Canals31

    The Museum of the Canals

    Museum of the Canals is housed in a monumental seventeenth-century canal house. The museum illustrates the Amsterdam city expansion that was caused by the construction of canals. In addition to an interactive tour, there is a temporary exhibition in our period rooms.
  32. Museum Catharijneconvent32

    Museum Catharijneconvent

    Museum Catharijneconvent is housed in a medieval monastery from the 15th century. It is dedicated to the past and present of Christianity in the Netherlands. The museum exhibits old and contemporary art, and various other objects that illustrate the story of Christianity. The permanent collection is
  33. EYE33


    The EYE Film museum is housed in the iconic white building at the IJ. Everything is film in EYE. This national museum of film manages more than forty thousand movies and features every genre: a representative selection of movie history, with classics blockbusters and cult movies. It is a museum of f
  34. Kunsthal Rotterdam34

    Kunsthal Rotterdam

    Kunsthal Rotterdam is housed in a modern building designed by Rem Koolhaas. It is an exhibition site of 3300 square metres. Kunstal Rotterdam does not have its own collection. For this reason, it organizes various exhibitions on art and culture. There are often several exhibitions simultaneously, al
  35. Africa Museum35

    Africa Museum

    Berg en Dal
    The Africa Museum is dedicated to African art and culture. The indoor museum exhibits a collection of African art. The collection is based on themes such as African architecture, contemporary African art, African vision on art and beauty and society and religion. The outdoor museum illustrates the d
  36. Museum Gouda36

    Museum Gouda

    Museum Gouda recounts the history of this wonderful city. You will see, among other things, unique sixteenth century altarpieces, seventeenth century civic guard group portraits and Gouda pottery, which is famous all over the world. The museum is located in an old hospital, the Catharina Gasthuis. T
  37. The Willet-Holthuysen House37

    The Willet-Holthuysen House

    The Willet-Holthuysen House is housed in a double mansion from 1687. In the 19th century it was the house of Abraham Willet and his wife Louisa Willet-Holthuysen. The museum consists of a dining room, a ballroom, a garden room and a corridor on the first floor that illustrate how wealthy people from
  38. Online discount!Singer Laren38

    Singer Laren

    Laren (NH)
    Singer Laren focuses on international art from the period 1880 to 1950. The core of the collection is the collection that the couple William and Anna Singer brought together. This collection primarily consists of works by French painters from the School of Barbizon, traditional impressionistic artis
  39. Cobra Museum39

    Cobra Museum

    The Cobra Museum is a museum of modern art. The permanent collection primarily consists of works by members of the Cobra movement. It includes works by Karel Appel, Constant and Corneille. The Cobra Collection of the Cobra Museum is one of the most important in the world. The main goal of the museum
  40. Van Abbemuseum40

    Van Abbemuseum

    The Van Abbemuseum is a leading museum on modern and contemporary art. It houses a collection of some 2,700 works from 1900 to present, consisting of a thousand works on paper, seven hundred paintings and thousand sculptures. The museum has a large collection of paintings by the Russian artist El Li
  41. Dordrechts Museum41

    Dordrechts Museum

    The Dordrecht Museum is housed in the former insane asylum. The museum, founded in 1842, is one of the oldest museums in the Netherlands. It owns a diverse collection of old, modern and contemporary art. It covers more than four hundred years of Dutch painting: works from the 16th century to contemp
  42. Museum de Fundatie42

    Museum de Fundatie

    Museum de Fundatie, Paleis aan de Blijmark is a museum of visual arts. The collection consists of old, modern and contemporary art, applied art and ethnographic objects. Part of the collection consists of modern and contemporary art that was made in the province of Overijssel. Important in the museu
  43. Museum De Lakenhal43

    Museum De Lakenhal

    Museum De Lakenhal is the municipality museum of Leiden, that is housed in Leiden’s old cloth hall from 1640. It is the museum of arts, crafts and history of Leiden. The museum covers the history of Leiden from Leiden’s relief in 1574. Important in the museum are works by old masters such as Rembran
  44. Museum Het Schip44

    Museum Het Schip

    World-renowned expressionist building "Het Schip" ("the ship") is the most famous work by Amsterdam School architect Michel de Klerk, which was completed in 1921. The museum located in the building is dedicated to the Amsterdam School, an architecture style. The former post office designed by the a
  45. Van Lymborch Brothers House45

    Van Lymborch Brothers House

    This little museum is dedicated to the famous Van Lymborch Brothers who used to have their studio here around the year 1400. The Van Lymborch Brothers were famous dutch medieval miniature painters. They were the painters of the Trés Riches Heures du duc de Berry, one of the most precious books of ho
  46. Jheronimus Bosch Art Center46

    Jheronimus Bosch Art Center

    The Jheronimus Bosch Art Center is dedicated to the southern Dutch painter Jheronimus Bosch, who lived and worked in Den Bosch between 1450 and 1516. The museum shows mostly replicas of his artworks.
  47. Foam47


    Foam is a photography museum of photography in all its forms. The museum organises temporary exhibitions in which various photographic genres are covered, from fashion to documentary and from historical to contemporary. The museum exhibits both works by famous photographers as works by young talent.
  48. Diamond Museum Amsterdam48

    Diamond Museum Amsterdam

    The Diamond Museum Amsterdam illustrates the mining, the grinding and the processing of diamonds. The museum displays several famous diamonds, including the world's smallest diamond, which can be seen through a microscope. In addition, the visitor gets information about the diamond city Amsterdam, w
  49. Centraal Museum49

    Centraal Museum

    The Centraal Museum is housed in the Saint Agnes Convent from 1420. The diverse collection includes old, modern and applied art and objects related to the city's history, including historical costumes and antiquities. Important in the museum is the collection Van Baaren, with 19th and early 20th cen
  50. Moco Museum50

    Moco Museum

    The Moco museum (Modern Contemporary) in Amsterdam wants to make a wide range of modern and contemporary art available to the general public and focuses on the so-called ‘Rock Stars of Art’. Don’t be suprised if you find works of Salvador Dali, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Damien Hir
  51. Huis Marseille, Museum for Photography51

    Huis Marseille, Museum for Photography

    Amsterdam’s 1st Museum for Photography. Two monumental canal houses to feel at home. Exhibiting the artistic nature of photography, fourteen exhibition spaces, bookshop, library and garden. Huis Marseille, Museum for Photography is housed in a monumental canal house from 1665. It is the first muse
  52. Stedelijk Museum Schiedam52

    Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

    Stedelijk Museum Schiedam is housed in the former late 18th century St. James Hospital. The contemporary art in the museum contrasts with the neoclassical building. The collection focusses on experimental and informal art from the period 1945 to 1960. The museum owns about 250 Cobra works by painter
  53. Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics53

    Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics

    The Princessehof Ceramics Museum is housed in a house built in 1693, called ‘Princessehof’. The collection features a large diverse collection of Chinese porcelain. The museum displays the Dutch Art Nouveau and Art Deco ceramics from 1880 to 1930. A centrepiece in museum is a sculpture by Karel Appe
  54. Museum Arnhem54

    Museum Arnhem

    View art in one of the most beautifully situated museum buildings in the Netherlands. That is what you can do in Museum Arnhem. The museum is located on a high lateral moraine with a magnificent view of the Rhine. We have a broad collection, and are known for having the most important collection of
  55. Van Gogh Village Museum55

    Van Gogh Village Museum

    The Van Gogh Village Museum is housed in the old town hall in Nuenen. In the museum, visitors relive the time of the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. The museum illustrates how the artist lived and painted during his time in Nuenen from 1883 to 1885. You can experience his journey to making his first
  56. Museum Joure56

    Museum Joure

    Museum Joure is housed in ten buildings, including six national monuments. The ten buildings are surrounded by quays and a museum garden. One of the buildings once was the first factory of Dutch coffee manufacturer Douwe Egberts. The building features a coffee, tea and tobacco collection. On the 19t
  57. Vincent van GoghHuis57

    Vincent van GoghHuis

    The Vincent van GoghHuis is located on the site of the birthplace of the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. The museum illustrates the life and work of Vincent van Gogh. The museum also organizes exhibitions on artists from the 20th and 21th centuries who are or were inspired by Vincent Van Gogh.
  58. Beurs van Berlage58

    Beurs van Berlage

    The Beurs van Berlage was designed as a commodity exchange by architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage. The building was constructed between 1896 and 1903 and now serves as a centre for exhibitions and conferences.
  59. Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art59

    Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art

    Museum of the Mind is fascinated by the work of art inside your head. Because nothing is as diverse, unique, powerful and yet so fragile as the human mind. Through its art and cultural programmes, the museum helps to bring mental health and neurodiversity into the open. Museum van de Geest | Outside
  60. Cat Cabinet60

    Cat Cabinet

    The Cat Cabinet is housed in a canal house at the 'Golden Bend'. It features a collection of art objects that are related to cats. The museum shows how great painters of the past and present were or are inspired by cats. The collection consists of paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures in which
  61. Fashion for Good Museum61

    Fashion for Good Museum

    In the museum, you will learn where your clothes come from and discover the innovations shaping the future of fashion. Throughout the building, you can find concrete ways to have a positive impact, commit to taking action and shop sustainable products (that is, when you need to shop at all). The Fa
  62. Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience62

    Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience

    Rembrandt is perhaps one of the most famous painters in the world. Rembrandt lived in bustling Amsterdam of the 17th century. He was able to become quite successful and his studio grew into a true 'painter's empire'. Rembrandt was also a collector, he bought many exotic things, brought by merchants
  63. Frans Hals Museum HAL (Grote Markt 16)63

    Frans Hals Museum HAL (Grote Markt 16)

    The Frans Hals Museum is Haarlem’s museum of fine art. Home to the world’s biggest collection of Frans Hals's paintings, alongside works by famous Haarlem artists such as Judith Leyster, Cornelis van Haarlem and Jacob van Ruisdael. And discover also the museum’s rich collection of art from the 1880s
  64. Biblical Museum64

    Biblical Museum

    The Bijbels Museum makes temporary, travelling exhibitions which we present in collaboration with/at many different locations in The Netherlands, museums, churches or other public venues. All exhibitions have a connection to the Bible of biblical stories. Most of them reach out to other spiritual bo
  65. Royal Delft65

    Royal Delft

    Did you know that the iconic Delftware is actually painted with black? While baking in the oven, the black changes to the familiar, intense blue color. Delft Blue is still made by hand in a traditional way at Royal Delft. Here you can see our painters and craftsmen at work in the factory. In the mus
  66. De Pont Museum of contemporary art66

    De Pont Museum of contemporary art

    Museum De Pont is housed in a former woolen mill building. It is a museum of contemporary art that is named after entrepreneur and lawyer John Pont, whose inheritence provided funds for the promotion of contemporary art. The museum collection consists of about six hundred works, among others by Ai W
  67. Van Gijn House67

    Van Gijn House

    The museum is the house of the banker and collector Simon van Gijn who lived there from 1864 until his death in 1922. Van Gijn left the house and most of his collections to the Old Dordrecht Society. His wish was for the collections to be made publicly accessible and for his home to be converted int
  68. Nederlands Fotomuseum68

    Nederlands Fotomuseum

    We safeguard the Netherlands’ current and future photographic heritage and make it relevant to today’s international context. In doing so, we exhibit photography that reflects the world we live in and share it with society in order to enrich people’s lives with visual stories that matter. We also br
  69. Museum Van Loon69

    Museum Van Loon

    Museum van Loon is located on the Keizersgracht in the house of the regent family Van Loon. Willem van Loon was the co-founder of The Dutch East India Company in 1602. One of the residents of this 17th century canal house was Dutch painter Ferdinand Bol, a pupil of Rembrandt. Portraits, silverware,
  70. Bonnefanten museum70

    Bonnefanten museum

    Bonnefanten: surprisingly distinctive in ancient and contemporary art. Alongside modern and contemporary art, old masters find their place in the iconic building designed by the Italian architect Aldo Rossi. The Bonnefanten museum tells stories through the permanent collection, temporary exhibitions
  71. TextielMuseum71


    Everything related to textiles The TextielMuseum is a dynamic and creative working museum located in a former textile factory in Tilburg. It is the only place in the world where textile design, art, fashion, industrial heritage and innovation come together.
  72. Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar72

    Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar

    Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar is dedicated to the history and cultural heritage of Alkmaar and its surroundings. It covers five centuries of history. The collection includes historical objects from the Alkmaar region, a photo collection of Alkmaar, a toy theatre including toys from the past, paintings fr
  73. Nieuwe Instituut73

    Nieuwe Instituut

    Nieuwe Instituut is the Netherlands’ national museum for architecture, design and digital culture. Located in the city of architecture, Rotterdam, in the Museum Park with Kunsthal Rotterdam and Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen as neighbours, the Nieuwe Instituut has various exhibition spaces, a museum s
  74. Slot Zeist74

    Slot Zeist

    Slot Zeist was built in the seventeenth century as a place of enjoyment for Count of Nassau-Odijk, Willem Adriaan. The ‘style rooms’ feature a classic decoration in baroque style. Temporary exhibitions are organized in the cultural, right wing of the castle. The garden features sculpture exhibitions
  75. Fries Museum75

    Fries Museum

    The Fries Museum is dedicated to Friesland and its inhabitants. In the museum the story of the countryside and the eleven cities is told, the dealing with water and the search for the typical Frisian. The collection includes contemporary art, archaeological finds, old costumes, the sword of freedom
  76. Oude Kerk76

    Oude Kerk

    The Oude Kerk is the oldest building of Amsterdam and youngest place for contemporary art. Inside you can see site specific art exhibitions, period rooms and an impressive tombstone floor. The wife and muse of Rembrandt van Rijn, is one of the thousands of people who lies buried in the Oude Kerk
  77. Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision77

    Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision

    The recently reopened Media Museum is housed in the building of the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision in Hilversum. The museum is all about you: it's about your life in media - then, now and in the future. The museum tells the story of the great influence that media has on our daily lives. Th
  78. Valkhof Museum78

    Valkhof Museum

    What over the centuries has made us who we are? With a collection stretching back more than 14,000 years, we can provide part of an answer to that question, and when we do not know the answer, there are always still the interpretations that you can find in the earlier, modern and contemporary art fr
  79. Beeldengalerij Het Depot79

    Beeldengalerij Het Depot

    Sculpture Gallery Het Depot is a museological stage for contemporary sculpture and puts the artist’s development opportunities center stage: by people, for people. The collection of sculptures consists of torsos and fragments of the human body. Sculpture Gallery Het Depot has three locations, conn
  80. Museum Flehite80

    Museum Flehite

    Museum Flehite is housed in three houses from around 1540. It is the historical museum of Amersfoort and Eemland. The permanent collection consists of some 20,000 works of art and other objects that illustrate more than 750 years of the city’s history. In addition to the permanent collection, the mu
  81. Stedelijk Museum Kampen81

    Stedelijk Museum Kampen

    The Stedelijk Museum Kampen is housed in the old town hall in Kampen. It has a collection that consists of four main themes: law, religion, water, and the House of Orange-Nassau. Important in the museum is the ‘Schepenzaal’ from 1545, in which is shown how law was practised in the past. Every year t
  82. Electric Ladyland82

    Electric Ladyland

    Electric Ladyland is a museum on fluorescent art. The museum consists of two parts. One part consists of a large fluorescent area. Visitors become a part of this fluorescent art area, and experience the so called ‘Participatory Art’. The other part features a permanent exhibition with fluorescent mi
  83. Museum Bredius83

    Museum Bredius

    The Hague
    Museum Bredius is housed in a 18th century mansion. It displays the private collection of the famous art historian Dr. Abraham Bredius (1855-1946). The collection partly consists of 17th century paintings and drawings by Dutch Masters. In total, the collection consists of more than two hundred paint
  84. Zeeuws Museum84

    Zeeuws Museum

    The Zeeuws Museum is housed in the medieval abbey of Middelburg. The museum's collection consists of approximately 30,000 objects related to the history of Zeeland. It includes Zeeland tapestries, a collection of contemporary art from Zeeland and a historical collection of the ‘Koninklijk Zeeuwsch G
  85. Japan Museum SieboldHuis85

    Japan Museum SieboldHuis

    The Siebold House is housed in a monumental building that used to be used as the district court. The museum’s collection consists of objects that were collected by Philipp Franz von Siebold in the period 1823 – 1829 during his stay in the Dutch trading post Dejima. Siebold collected more than 25,000
  86. Museum Anno86

    Museum Anno

    Museum Anno is dedicated to the cultural history and art from Zwolle. The museum consists of an old part, the former 16th century ‘Drostenhuis’ and a new part from 1997. The collection includes paintings by 17th century masters, cultural and historical objects, silverware and prints. The museum hold
  87. Museum Belvédère87

    Museum Belvédère

    Museum Belvédère is a museum of modern and contemporary art. The collection mainly consists of 20th century and contemporary works by artists from Northern Netherlands. The museum focusses on the relationship of art with the surrounding nature. The collection includes works by the Dutch painters Jan
  88. Castle Groeneveld88

    Castle Groeneveld

    Castle Groeneveld is located on the outskirts of Baar, in a natural environment. It was built around 1970 by the wealthy merchant Marcus Mamuchet to enjoy nature. Key themes in Castle Groeneveld are sustainable growth and green innovations. Around these themes exhibitions, events and debates are org
  89. Museum de Fundatie89

    Museum de Fundatie

    Museum de Fundatie, Kasteel het Nijenhuis the Nijenhuis is a museum of visual art. The museum is located in the Nijenhuis, an estate with manor. The collection that is exhibited in the castle is based on the collection of Dirk Hannema, former director of Museum Boijmans. It is a varied collection t
  90. Museum Voorlinden90

    Museum Voorlinden

    Museum Voorlinden connects people, art, nature and architecture.
  91. LAM museum91

    LAM museum

    Come and discover the LAM, a fun and inspiring art museum for all ages. There are paintings, sculptures, photos, videos, installations and digital art to discover. Each work has a connection to food, drink or shopping. You don’t need to know anything about art: it’s all about your personal experienc
  92. Marius van Dokkum Museum92

    Marius van Dokkum Museum

  93. Rijksmuseum Twenthe93

    Rijksmuseum Twenthe

    Rijksmuseum Twente is a museum of old and modern art and applied art. Works from the Middle Ages to the present day are on display in the museum. The collection consists of more than eight thousand pieces. There are about ten exhibitions each year, based on the permanent collection. There is a typic
  94. Design Museum Den Bosch94

    Design Museum Den Bosch

    Design Museum Den Bosch presents exciting and surprising exhibitions about design from the past, present and future. In two large halls and several small presentation rooms you will discover the influence of design on the world, from culture to technology, from lifestyle to philosophy, and from ava
  95. Villa Mondrian95

    Villa Mondrian

    Museum Villa Mondrian is the museum for coming-of-age. The world-famous Piet Mondrian developed during his teenage years in this villa in Winterswijk. In addition to masterpieces by the young Mondrian, the museum displays works by both established and contemporary artists in their search for their o
  96. Museum Kranenburgh96

    Museum Kranenburgh

    Bergen (NH)
    Museum Kranenburgh is housed in ‘Huis Kranenburgh’ from 1882. It is a museum of visual arts. The collection consists of paintings and graphic art by artists from the so-called Bergen School. The collection includes works by Else Berg, Henri Le Fauconnier, Dirk Filarski, Leo Gestel, Mommie Schwarz an
  97. Museum Krona97

    Museum Krona

    The Museum voor Religieuze Kunst is housed in a wing of an inhabited monastery. The collection consists of various religious art objects from the Netherlands. Special works include medieval monstrances and sculptures. Due to the lack of space, only a small part of the collection can be on display. F
  98. Nationaal Glasmuseum98

    Nationaal Glasmuseum

    The Nationaal Glasmuseum is housed in two villas that are connected with each other by covered footbridges. The collection of the museum consists of glass objects, both ornamental and normal glass. In addition to the permanent exhibition the museum also organises temporary exhibitions. In the ‘glasb
  99. Kasteel Huis Bergh99

    Kasteel Huis Bergh

    Kasteel Huis Bergh is one of the largest castles in the Netherlands. The castle is semi enclosed by a rampart, and surrounded by a moat. The history of the castle dates back to the 13th century, but the most important remaining parts date from the 14th, 15th and 17th centuries. The collection consis
  100. Fotomuseum aan het Vrijthof100

    Fotomuseum aan het Vrijthof

    Fotomuseum aan het Vrijthof is housed in the Spanish ‘Gouvernement’, a 16th century chapter house at the Vrijthof. The museum displays changing exhibitions with surprising and ground-breaking themes: from entertainment to pop culture and contemporary art, all in photographs. In Grand Cafe Soiron, in
  101. Voerman Museum Hattem101

    Voerman Museum Hattem

    The Voerman Museum Hattem is museum that displays objects related to Hattem. Part of the collection consists of works by Dutch painters Jan Voerman junior and senior, but the museum also features works by Jo Koster, Gerhard Mensink and Bé Thoden van Velzen. In addition, the museum illustrates the hi
  102. Sonneveld House102

    Sonneveld House

    Sonneveld House Museum, situated on the edge of Museumpark in Rotterdam, is one of the best-preserved homes built in the Dutch Functionalist style. It was designed in the 1930s by architecture office Brinkman and Van der Vlugt, renowned for the Van Nelle Factory and Feyenoord Stadium. They also work
  103. Stedelijk Museum Breda103

    Stedelijk Museum Breda

    You can only visit us for a while: from Monday 14 November the museum will be closed for six months. On to May 2023: then we celebrate the festive reopening of our brand new museum. A busy period begins in the museum: we are going to realize an even more beautiful and better museum that is worthwhi
  104. Museum MORE | Kasteel Ruurlo104

    Museum MORE | Kasteel Ruurlo

    In the wooded surroundings of the Achterhoek region, lies Ruurlo Castle, a rich monument surrounded by an English landscape garden. This second location of Museum More focuses on the life and work of grand master Carel Willink. The display shows the development of a searching artist who later manage
  105. SCHUNCK105


    The collection of SCHUNCK consists of two sub collections: the Collection of Modern and Contemporary Dutch painting and the collection Aad de Haas. The first collection reflects on the developments in Dutch painting after 1950 and thus the collection can also function as a touchstone, as well as hig
  106. De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam106

    De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam

    The Nieuwe Kerk is a church building from the early 15th century. It is one of the most important monuments of Amsterdam. It is the place where the Dutch head of state is inaugurated. Changing temporary exhibitions are organized in the building on, among other themes, religions, cultures and treasur
  107. Prince William V Gallery107

    Prince William V Gallery

    The Hague
    The Prince William V Gallery is situated in the midst of the historical centre of The Hague. The Gallery is located at the Buitenhof, a five minute walk from the Mauritshuis. You can easily combine a visit to the Gallery with a visit to the Mauritshuis, or the nearby Prison Gate Museum Gevangenpoort
  108. Fake Art Museum Vledder108

    Fake Art Museum Vledder

    Art with a smile Is it real or fake? Being cheated on your art purchase. It'll just happen to you. The work of famous artists like Appel, Picasso, Dalí, Matisse and Rodin is faked more often than you think. What motivates master forgers like Han van Meegeren or Geert Jan Jansen to forge paintings.
  109. The Hague Museum of Photography109

    The Hague Museum of Photography

    The Hague
    The Hague Museum of Photography is part of the Gemeentemuseum. The museum organizes about six exhibitions annually on various genres, disciplines and periods in the history of photography. Most exhibitions are focussed on ‘the image of man’. Unknown work is prominently presented. In addition, the mu
  110. Museum van Bommel van Dam110

    Museum van Bommel van Dam

    Museum van Bommel van Dam is a museum of modern art with a wide variety of temporary exhibitions on paintings, drawings, sculptures and photography. The collection consists mainly of paintings, drawings, graphic works and some sculptures. The main part is made by Dutch artists from the 20th century.
  111. CODA111


    CODA (Cultuur Onder Dak Apeldoorn) is housed in a transparent building designed by architect Herman Hertzberger. It is a cultural centre that consists of a museum, library and an archive. The museum focusses on ‘experiencing’. There are various exhibitions, ranging from art to design. A part of the
  112. Het Nieuwe Domein - Erfgoed112

    Het Nieuwe Domein - Erfgoed

    Museum De Domijnen is housed in a 19th century school. The museum illustrates the regional history and displays contemporary art. The collection on the ground floor consists of international avant-garde art including video art and photography. On the upper floor the visitor learns about the region i
  113. De Nollen113

    De Nollen

    Den Helder
    The NollenProject exhibits works by Van de Wint. After exhibiting in European museums, Reindert Wepko - Ruud – van de Wint moved to the old ‘binnenduintje de Nollen’ in 1980. He focused on paintings, constructions and sculptures with themes related to the dune landscape. Van de Wint is known for his
  114. Het Dordts Patriciërshuis114

    Het Dordts Patriciërshuis

    The Dordts Patriciërshuis is a house museum that is housed in a monumental building. It is a patrician house that still has many of its original features. The museum illustrates a household in Dordrecht in a patrician house at the end of the 18th century. The collection consists mainly of drawings a
  115. Musiom115


    Musiom houses the works of Dutch artists who were born in the 1950's and have gained popularity both nationally and internationally since the 1980's You will find a great variety of contemporary art in an equally professional and homey setting.
  116. Museum EICAS116

    Museum EICAS

  117. Nationaal Grammofoonmuseum117

    Nationaal Grammofoonmuseum

    The Grammophone Museum recounts the history of the recording and reproduction of sound from 1877 when the phonograph was invented to 1980 when digital technology marked the end of the analog era of the gramophone, cassette recorder and tape recorder. The museum exhibits include phonographs, acoustic
  118. Anton Pieck Museum118

    Anton Pieck Museum

    The Anton Pieck Museum holds the largest collection of works by the Dutch painter and draftsman Anton Francis Pieck. The museum presents an overview of his work, by exhibiting its collection and workplace. The ground floor houses a diversion collection, including watercolour paintings, colored draw
  119. Jopie Huisman Museum119

    Jopie Huisman Museum

    The Jopie Huisman Museum is housed in a modern building designed specifically for the collection that is exhibited inside of it. The museum is dedicated to the work and life of the self-taught Dutch painter and draftsman Jopie Huisman (1922-2000). His work is a homage to the simple Frisian peasant l
  120. Museum Land van Valkenburg120

    Museum Land van Valkenburg

    Valkenburg (LB)
    Museum Land van Valkenburg focuses on the most interesting aspects of the region both historically and culturally, from the origins of the ‘Mergelland’ to developments in artistic field at the present and recent past. The permanent exhibition brings together the geology and archeology of Valkenburg
  121. Chabot Museum121

    Chabot Museum

    The Chabot Museum is housed in a monumental white villa from 1938. The museum is dedicated to the Dutch expressionist painter and sculptor Hendrik Chabot (1894-1949). The collection consists of paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints. Stylistically, his work compares to work of Dutch expressionis
  122. Het Cuypershuis122

    Het Cuypershuis

    The Cuypershuis is housed in a building from 1853, designed by Pierre Cuypers. The museum is dedicated to Cuypers, who was an architect, artist, designer and organizer. The museum exhibits objects from the former studios, including tools, design drawings, models and a ‘pointing machine’. The museum
  123. Museum Noordwijk123

    Museum Noordwijk

    Museum Noordwijk is housed in a four hundred year old farmhouse. It is a museum on art, applied art and the history of Noordwijk. The collection includes Noordwijk costumes and paintings. The museum also has a large collection of ceramics made by porcelain factory ‘De Kroon’, including works by Henr
  124. Villa Zebra124

    Villa Zebra

    Villa Zebra focuses on children of three to twelve years old. With interactive exhibitions and workshops with visual arts, the museum seeks to teach children about the artworks and the topic of the exhibition. Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and in some holidays, the museum organizes workshops, where
  125. Museum Jan Cunen125

    Museum Jan Cunen

    Museum Jan Cunen is a museum dedicated to the city and its region and focusses on contemporary art and 19th century art from the south of Holland. The contemporary art collection includes works by Jan Andriessestraat, Peter Engels, Iris Kensmil, Ronald Ophuis, Viviane Sassen and Han Schuil. In addit
  126. Noord-Veluws Museum Nunspeet126

    Noord-Veluws Museum Nunspeet

    Het Noord-Veluws Museum is vooral een kunstmuseum dat werk toont van Noord-Veluwse kunstenaars. Het museum beperkt zich niet tot het geven van informatie over de schilderijen, maar koppelt daar verhalen aan. Verhalen van de schilders en de bewoners van dit deel van de Veluwe die hier van 1880 tot 1
  127. Sint Hubertus Kunstcentrum127

    Sint Hubertus Kunstcentrum

    Designed by architect Alphons Boosten and built in 1937, St. Hubertus Church (national monument) contains art treasures of Limburg artists and Montfortan heritage. On display are works by Charles Eyck, Henri Jonas, Charles Vos, Joep Nicolas and a dozen other Limburg artists. The Montfortan heritage
  128. KM21128


    The Hague
    GEM is a museum of contemporary art. It follows the developments in the world of contemporary art on a national and international level. There are about seven exhibitions per year that consist of paintings, sculptures, drawings, (video) installations, film and photography. GEM is part of the Gemeent
  129. Museum 't Oude Slot129

    Museum 't Oude Slot

    Museum 't Oude Slot is housed in a 200-year-old farm built on the foundations of the Manor ‘Slot Zeelst’ built in approx 1575. The museum manages a unique collection of 17t until earli 20th ventury prints, regional archaeological finds and objects from earlier life in the nearby Kempen areas. Th
  130. Keramiekmuseum Tiendschuur130

    Keramiekmuseum Tiendschuur

    Keramiekmuseum Tiendschuur is housed in the tithe barn of Castle Holtmühle. The collection includes both contemporary and historical ceramics and illustrates the clay industry in Tegelen from the Roman period till mid-20th century. It shows, among other things, the development of the ceramic industr
  131. Ikonenmuseum Kampen131

    Ikonenmuseum Kampen

    Ikonenmuseum Kampen is housed in a historical monastery that used to be part of the convent of the Franciscans. The museum distinguishes itself from other museums with Christian and religious art by only exhibiting icons. The permanent exhibition consists of approximately 170 icons. The museum shows
  132. Honig Breethuis132

    Honig Breethuis

    The Honig Breethuis is a house where a merchant family from the Zaan district lived around 1830. The house dates from the early 18th century and was built by Cornelis Jacobsz. Honig, owner of a ‘witpapiermolen’. Visitors learn about the history and the lives of families who lived here. The collectio
  133. Museum Helmond - Kunsthal Helmond133

    Museum Helmond - Kunsthal Helmond

    Museum Helmond is located partly in Castle Helmond and partly in the modern Boscotondo Hall (Kunsthal Helmond).
  134. Cornelis Kruseman Stichting134

    Cornelis Kruseman Stichting

    The Hague
    The Stichting Cornelis Kruseman is a non-profit foundation. It conserves, collects and displays the work of Cornelis Kruseman. Founder is mrs. Ising, a descendant of Johannes Kruseman, a brother of the painter. Besides her fortune she left several works of Cornelis Kruseman. The collection has grown
  135. De Casteelse Poort135

    De Casteelse Poort

    The Casteelse Poort is the centre for the cultural history of Wageningen. By displaying paintings, photographs, architectural models and other ancient objects, the museum illustrates the history of the city by the Rhine. There are two permanent exhibitions. ‘The History of Wageningen’ illustrates fi
  136. Museum JAN136

    Museum JAN

    Museum JAN is a museum of visual arts. Industrialist and art collector Jan van der Togt wanted to make his contemporary art collection accessible to the public. This resulted in Museum Jan van der Togt, which is now called Museum JAN. The collection consists of glass and contemporary art. There are
  137. Museum Henriette Polak137

    Museum Henriette Polak

    Museum Henriette Polak is a museum dedicated to modern classical Dutch paintings and sculptures. The museum is named after the founder Henriette Polak Schwarz (1893-1974). The collection includes works by Jan Wolkers, Charlotte van Pallandt and Joop Sjollema (another founder). The museum also has a
  138. Dutch Museum of Lithography138

    Dutch Museum of Lithography

    Alois Senefelder discovers stone printing or lithography in 1798. He thus brought the world for the first time a printing technique to reproduce images quickly, massively and inexpensively. Starting in 1837, this could finally be done in color! The further development of photolithography perfected a
  139. Dutch Silver Museum139

    Dutch Silver Museum

    The Nederlands Zilvermuseum presents an overview of the history of Dutch silver. The collection covers a period from 1600 to the present. The museum is focussed on historical and contemporary silver objects, history, certification marks, technology and jewellery from the twenties. The museum owns th
  140. Nederlands Tegelmuseum140

    Nederlands Tegelmuseum

    The Nederlands Tegelmuseum exhibits a large collection of Dutch wall tiles and tile panels. The collection of tiles are displayed in various themed rooms. Topics include Bible scenes, tiles from the 18th and 19th century, post-war tile art and ships and sea creatures. It illustrates the history and
  141. Museum Drachten141

    Museum Drachten

    Museum Drachten illustrates the cultural history of Drachten and exhibits art from the 20th century to the present. The art collection consists of works by artists and movements that are associated with Friesland. The collection includes works by Theo van Doesburg, Thijs Rinsema and Kurt Schwitters.
  142. Stadhuismuseum Zierikzee142

    Stadhuismuseum Zierikzee

    Housed in the former city hall of Zierikzee, the Stadhuismuseum conveys the story of the monumental city of Zierikzee and her surroundings. The building and the collection showcase the historic affluence of this city. From Zierikzee’s former seaport a lively trade in salt and madder took place with
  143. Museum Paulina Bisdom van Vliet143

    Museum Paulina Bisdom van Vliet

    Museum Bisdom van Vliet is a ‘house museum’. The authentic decoration from the last quarter of the nineteenth century is still present in the house. The collection consists of various objects that can be found in similar mansions, such as paintings, furniture, glassware, silver objects, clocks and b
  144. Museum Møhlmann144

    Museum Møhlmann

    Museum Møhlmann is a private museum. The museum exhibits a collection of realistic and figurative art by known and lesser known artists. There are three permanent exhibitions in the museum. Besides works by Rob Møhlmann himself, the museum exhibits works by contemporary figuratives and realists and
  145. Museum No Hero145

    Museum No Hero

    On April 15, an entirely new art museum opened its doors to the public: Museum No Hero. Housed in a historic building in the town of Delden, surrounded by a beautiful garden. Nine exhibition rooms, filled with a beautiful selection of paintings, sculptures, furniture and the occasional clock, show y
  146. Sint-Jans Museum de Bouwloods146

    Sint-Jans Museum de Bouwloods

    St. John's Museum the Construction Shed is located in a building next to St. John's. All medieval sculptures that could no longer be maintained on the church itself are displayed in the museum. In addition, the museum displays all design models and casts used during restorations, and there is the ch
  147. Museum Vaals147

    Museum Vaals

    Museum Vaals is housed in a monumental monastery chapel. The museum shows, among other things, a collection of over 200 statues of saints with a height of 1 meter to as much as 3.5 meters alternately combined with contemporary painting.
  148. Het Behouden Blik148

    Het Behouden Blik

    Welcome in the smallest museum of the northern Netherlands Here you will encounter a large collection of tin boxes and commercial memorabilia of well-known Dutch brands as De Gruyter, Douwe Egberts, Van Nelle, Van Houten, Broekema, Verkade, Niemeijer, Tiktak and many more. The collection offers
  149. The Historical Museum of The Hague149

    The Historical Museum of The Hague

    The Hague
    The historical museum of The Hague is housed in a building from 1636 that was built for the gunners of the St. Sebastian's Guild. The museum is dedicated to the history of The Hague. The permanent collection includes paintings such as cityscapes from 1553 and silver and glass objects. In addition, t
  150. Museum Helmond - Kasteel Helmond150

    Museum Helmond - Kasteel Helmond

    Gemeentemuseum Helmond is partly housed in the Helmond Castle and partly in the modern ‘Boscotondohal’. The collection consists of objects related to the history of Helmond and an art collection with the theme ‘Man and Work’ that includes works from 1850 to the present. The museum also exhibits a co
  151. Kunstinstituut Melly151

    Kunstinstituut Melly

    Kunstinstituut Melly is an international art institution based in Rotterdam. Established in 1990, the center is the place to be for all who want to be on top of what is at stake at today's international contemporary art world. It is one of the most important institutes for contemporary art in the Ne
  152. Katwijks Museum152

    Katwijks Museum

    The Katwijk Museum has an international collection of paintings which it combines with a collection of local objects. The museum has a large collection of works from the artists' colony that emerged in Katwijk in the early 20th century. There is also a permanent exhibition on fishery in Katwijk thro
  153. Museum De Waag153

    Museum De Waag

    Museum De Waag is home to the urban collection of the city of Deventer. The rich city history is told in ever-changing exhibitions. In summer, this takes the form of a retrospective. In other seasons, the exhibitions highlight a specific theme.
  154. Kunsthuis Waterland154

    Kunsthuis Waterland

    Kunsthuis Waterland shows approximately six exhibitions a year.
  155. Museum of Comic Art155

    Museum of Comic Art

    Museum of Comic Art (MoCA) is the first Dutch comics museum dedicated entirely to all aspects of the Ninth Art. From Edgar P. Jacobs to Hanco Kolk, from Jean Giraud to Marcel Gotlib, they can all be found here. Original drawings straight from the illustrator's table show how comics are made and why
  156. Koppelkerk - vrijplaats voor kunst & cultuur156

    Koppelkerk - vrijplaats voor kunst & cultuur

    A former church transformed into a sanctuary for art and culture. Come and soak up culture in the picturesque book town of Bredevoort. During the day the Koppelkerk is a museum with changing exhibitions, at night it transforms into a stage for lectures, concerts and debates. In addition to the exhib
  157. Nihon no hanga – Japanese Print Collection157

    Nihon no hanga – Japanese Print Collection

    Nihon no hanga – Japanese Print Collection is a private museum which has been collecting Japanese prints for over 25 years. The collection consists of around 2,000 Japanese prints, of which a large part dates from the 20th century.
  158. West Den Haag158

    West Den Haag

    The Hague
    West Hague shows contemporary art in the historic setting of Huis Huguetan.
  159. Swaensteyn Museum159

    Swaensteyn Museum

    Stadsmuseum Leidschendam-Voorburg is housed in a former notary house from 1805. The museum illustrates the history of Leidschendam-Voorburg. Important in the museum is the Forum Hadriani, a former Roman settlement that was situated in the area where Voorburg is now currently situated. The museum als
  160. MOW I Museum Westerwolde160

    MOW I Museum Westerwolde

    The MOW focuses on the history and future of the region Westerwolde and the countryside of Groningen. Due to the temporary exhibitions, the museum changes frequently. Every exhibition has its own atmosphere, whether it presents art or objects from the museumcollection. Check the website for the ac
  161. Zandvoorts Museum161

    Zandvoorts Museum

    The Zandvoorts Museum is dedicated to the history and art of Zandvoort. The diverse collection includes paintings, furniture, old tools, glassware, pottery, costumes and old beachwear. The museum illustrates the development of Zandvoort from a poor fishing village to a posh seaside resort. The colle
  162. Stadsmuseum Woerden162

    Stadsmuseum Woerden

    Stadsmuseum Woerden is housed in the former town hall. The museum is dedicated to the history and art of Woerden. It features a collection of landscapes from the ‘Groene Hart’ of the Hague School and work of prominent artists from Woerden. Important is the Council Chamber with historical decoration
  163. Museum City Castle Zaltbommel163

    Museum City Castle Zaltbommel

    Stadskasteel Zaltbommel is a monumental building from 1535 located in the city centre. On the ground floor, the museum illustrates the 16th century history of the ‘Bommelerwaard’. On the first floor paintings, Art Nouveau style copper works and various kinds of furniture are displayed. The museum al
  164. Kasteel-Museum Sypesteyn164

    Kasteel-Museum Sypesteyn

    Kasteel-Museum Sypesteyn is housed in a castle surrounded by gardens and canals. Jonkheer Catharinus Henricus Cornelis Ascanius of Sypesteyn had the castle built at the beginning of the 20th century and decorated it with portraits and other artefacts from the family. He later added a collection of c
  165. Wereld van Wenters165

    Wereld van Wenters

    This museum is located in a historic building in Winterswijk and offers a special mix of local history, art and music. OLD BAKERY Upon entering you are immediately greeted in the shop next to the old bakery, where bread was once baked. The oven can still be admired and gives you an impression of h
  166. Museum Weesp166

    Museum Weesp

    The Gemeentemuseum Weesp is housed in the town hall, located on the entire second floor of the building. Between 1759 and 1768 the first porcelain in the Netherlands was produced in Weesp. The main part of the museum’s collection consists of this 18th century Dutch porcelain. Besides porcelain, Wees
  167. TENT Rotterdam167

    TENT Rotterdam

    TENT is the platform for contemporary art in the Rotterdam context. We realize exhibitions, new productions, educational projects, performances and events with artists from the city and elsewhere, and host local partners and initiatives in our guest programme. Rotterdam’s vibrant urban culture is th
  168. Museum Jan Heestershuis168

    Museum Jan Heestershuis

    Museum Jan Heestershuis is housed in the former house of artist Jan Heesters from Schijndel (1893-1982). The museum collection mainly consists of works that were made by him and various objects from inside the house. The museum also owns more than 150 works by Dorus van Oorschot and exhibits graphic
  169. Kasteel Wijlre estate169

    Kasteel Wijlre estate

    Welcome to Kasteel Wijlre estate! Kasteel Wijlre is an estate for art and nature. At the estate, contemporary art and architecture meet cultural heritage and nature, intertwining five centuries. See the exhibitions in the art pavilion Hedge House and the historic Coach House and stroll through
  170. KathedraalMuseum170


    The Cathedral Museum is the continuation of the Treasury of the New Bavo. For now, this new museum space includes a large, attractively furnished exhibition hall, right under the high choir and accessible through the cathedral. In time, expansion will follow in the spaces under the ambulatory and be
  171. Museum De Buitenplaats171

    Museum De Buitenplaats

    Museum De Buitenplaats is for everyone, from visitors who have a love for art and gardens to enthusiasts of historical and modern architecture. The museum pavilion is open year-round for culture lovers. With its own museum collection full of modern art from after 1945 and changing exhibitions, it of
  172. De Bergkerk172

    De Bergkerk

  173. Museum Nairac173

    Museum Nairac

    Veluws Museum Nairac is housed in the 17th century building ‘De Brouwerij’. The museum is named after former mayor Carel August Nairac, who founded it in 1875. Most objects in the museum are collected by Nairac. The collection consists mainly of objects related to archaeology and the cultural herita
  174. Museumgemaal Sudergemaal174

    Museumgemaal Sudergemaal

    Nij Beets
    The Sudergemaal (pumping station) from 1924 was one of the first electric pumping stations in Friesland. The museum pumping station shows how, after the peat extraction, the remaining marshy land could be cultivated. Art exhibitions are regularly organised in the pumping station with works by artist
  175. Marie Tak van Poortvliet Museum175

    Marie Tak van Poortvliet Museum

    The Marie Tak van Poortvliet Museum is located right in the center of Domburg. It is named after the art collector and agricultural pioneer Marie Tak van Poortvliet. A large collection of modern paintings, that are also on display in various other museums, are from her collection. The museum is a co
  176. The Mondriaan House176

    The Mondriaan House

    The Mondriaan House is the house in which the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian was born. The museum is dedicated to his art, his life and the artist himself. Works, photographs, letters and film footage illustrate the artist’s life. In 'The Treasury' early work is displayed. On the ground floor there is
  177. Kunsthal KAdE177

    Kunsthal KAdE

    Kunsthal KAdE is housed in ‘het Eemhuis’. It is an exhibition space and has no own collection. Exhibitions are organized on contemporary art, architecture, crafts and contemporary visual culture. The museum is focussed outwards to the public and open for inspirations from around the whole world. KAd
  178. Flessenscheepjes Museum178

    Flessenscheepjes Museum

    The Flessenscheepjes Museum is housed in the 17th century ‘Spuihuisje’. The museum’s collection consists of more than one thousand bottles with small ships from around the world and from different time periods, including the VOC era and of fishing, lifesaving and whaling. Regularly there is a so cal
  179. Museum Martena179

    Museum Martena

    Museum Martena is located in the most beautiful city castle of Franeker (1506). In the museum, use all your senses to take in the story of the city. Drink a cup of tea in the garden room, feel the luxurious dress of Saepke van Vervou, taste the spices in the show kitchen or admire the many talents o
  180. Museum Paul Tetar van Elven180

    Museum Paul Tetar van Elven

    The Paul Tétar van Elven museum Is housed in a 16th century canal house. The house was inhabited by the Dutch painter, collector and teacher Paul Tetar van Elven in the period from 1864 to 1894. The property still has the well-preserved 19th century authentic interior, including Delft pottery, orien
  181. Marres, House for Contemporary Culture181

    Marres, House for Contemporary Culture

    From the historical house in the center of Maastricht, Marres explores contemporary art in the widest possible sense. The museum was founded in 1998 and takes its name from the brewers’ family Marres that lived in the house in the twentieth century. Marres develops exhibitions, organizes workshops
  182. De Wieger Deurne182

    De Wieger Deurne

    Museum De Wieger is housed in the former home, doctor's office and workshop of the painter and doctor Hendrik Wiegersma. The collection mainly consists of art painted by Wiegersma himself. In addition, works by other artists from the period 1900 to 1940 are displayed, including Charley Toorop and Is
  183. Stedelijk Museum Zutphen183

    Stedelijk Museum Zutphen

    The Stedelijk Museum Zutphen has a diverse collection consisting of paintings and prints, handicrafts, religious art, archaeological and historical objects, textiles and antique toys. Zutphen’s silverware has a prominent place in the museum. The permanent exhibition 'Zutphen, The Lost City' allows t
  184. BAK, Basis voor Actuele Kunst184

    BAK, Basis voor Actuele Kunst

    BAK is a platform dedicated to researching, producing, analyzing and exhibiting contemporary art. There are both exhibitions and presentations. BAK is an ‘extension’ of the artist's studio. It also publishes books and works together with, contemporary artists, writers, theorists and curators. Visito
  185. Museum W185

    Museum W

    The municipal museum of Weert is open to the public again after a major renovation, restoration and redesign. Under the name Museum W, the museum is taking a new substantive course with a renewed arrangement of the permanent collection and an exhibition program of contemporary art and design. The de
  186. Klooster Ter Apel186

    Klooster Ter Apel

    Ter Apel
    Ter Apel Monastery is a former monastery. It includes two modern art galleries and the Museum voor Klooster- en Kerkgeschiedenis & Religieuze Kunst. The monastery used to be a place of hospitality and dedication to passing travelers. In Klooster ter Apel, both permanent and changing exhibits are org
  187. Museum Tongerlohuys187

    Museum Tongerlohuys

    The Tongerlohuys Museum is housed in the former clergy house of the St. John's Church from 1762. The collection includes objects that illustrate the main aspects of Roosendaal’s past. The focus of the museum is on the history of the city and its region with its religious past, railways, industry and
  188. Ateliermuseum Jac Maris188

    Ateliermuseum Jac Maris

    Ateliermuseum Jac Maris Huis is housed in the studio of the Dutch sculptor and painter Jac Maris (1900-1996). The museum exhibits a collection of works from the period 1915 to 1994. It owns more than three hundred drawings, more than one hundred works in stone, metal and bronze and about sixty ceram
  189. Museum Ton Smits Huis189

    Museum Ton Smits Huis

    The Ton Smits Huis is a striking blue, pink and white coloured villa. It is the former studio and home of Dutch artist Ton Smits, who lived and worked here from 1957 until his death. He was a cartoonist and painter, and became widely known in the United States. The Ton Smits Huis illustrates both hi
  190. Hannemahuis190


    The Hannemahuis is housed in a monumental patrician house. The regional museum exhibits objects that are related to the history and art history of Harlingen. The collection includes paintings, furniture, photographs, historical documents, maritime objects, silverware and tiles and pottery from Harli
  191. Bureau Europa191

    Bureau Europa

    Bureau Europa is an institute for architecture and design in Maastricht. Exhibitions on design and architecture are organized from a social civil standpoint. The institute focuses on Europe and the Euroregion. In addition to exhibitions, Bureau Europa also organizes readings and debates to stimulate
  192. Museum Kasteel Wijchen192

    Museum Kasteel Wijchen

    Museum Kasteel Wijchen is located on the second floor of the castle of Wijchen. The Museum focuses on archaeology, local history and contemporary art. The archaeology section consists of finds from the region of Wijchen from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages. The exhibitions on regional history focus
  193. Fort bij Asperen - Het Torenfort193

    Fort bij Asperen - Het Torenfort

    The Fort near Asperen is a military heritage site and part of the New Dutch Waterline that is on the nomination list for UNESCO World Heritage. The fort is a so-called tower fort that was built from 1840 onwards. Tower forts were often built in the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie. This tower is made
  194. Hildo Krop Museum194

    Hildo Krop Museum

    The Hildo Krop Museum manages the collection for the municipality of Steenwijkerland. The Hildo Krop Museum has also set itself the task of expanding one facet of Krop's versatility each year.
  195. Museum Panorama Walcheren195

    Museum Panorama Walcheren

    The Panorama Walcheren surprises visitors with a unique art project of ten mega-paintings, up to 3 meters high and from 14 to as much as 40 meters wide. Each arranged in a curve, making it feel like you are part to become part of the image itself. They are characteristic Walcheren places with eac
  196. Rien Poortvlietmuseum196

    Rien Poortvlietmuseum

    The Rien Poortvlietmuseum is dedicated to the Dutch illustrator, cartoonist and painter Rien Poortvliet. The collection of works by Rien Poortvliet consists of approximately 1,200 watercolor paintings and hundreds of oil paintings. The museum has several original works by Rien Poortvliet and also ex
  197. Museum Schatkamer Walburgis197

    Museum Schatkamer Walburgis

    The Sint-Walburgisbasiliek dates back to the 14th century and is the oldest church building in Arnhem. In the Middle Ages it was a collegiate church. One of the side chapels is decorated as a treasury that features liturgical objects, such as ciboria, candlesticks and chalices. Important are a chass
  198. Museum van Papierknipkunst198

    Museum van Papierknipkunst

    The Museum van Papierknipkunst is dedicated to the history of ‘knipkunst’ and various forms of contemporary ‘knipwerk’. It features national and international, old and recently made ‘papierknipkunst’ by famous and lesser-known artists. The collection of the museum includes ‘knipwerk’ by the famous c
  199. De Kopermolen199

    De Kopermolen

    The Kopermolen is a centre for art and culture. Exhibitions are organized that last for six weeks before they are changed. The exhibitions are always on artists from the region. The museum organizes exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, jewellery, glass art, photos and other art forms. The art that
  200. Odapark200


    Odapark is a centre for contemporary art. It features a tearoom and sculpture forest where exhibitions are organized on contemporary art. Exhibitions are organized with works by artists from the Netherlands, but also from other countries. The exhibits are usually associated with a specific theme and

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